The foes

To truly turn the wheels around, as we are called to do, if we want to do a work for a better world, we will have to realize the true foe of the enlightened. There are those who hide in darkness, and those who live in light.

As it is said in our scriptures, there will be a day when the sons of light will confront the sons of darkness. In between the valiant fighters and the crippled but rather strong antagonists, lie a vast field. On this field are small crevices, little streams, hills to climb, and soon to this field all who truly believe in spirit, will have to travel.

Some are jews, but a lot are not. There is space for all who wish to fight along the sons of light, as there are many of a truly international character, who wish to fight in the phalanx of darkness.

Light and dark are two metaphors, one for truth and another for lie. Who are those, who stand in the stream of international consciousness, and do fight, with their bare hands and nothing  but their minds, for the bright light that will turn even the most evil of characters away? Who are those, who are persecuted by the system, because they talk against tyranny and opression? Who are those, who fight straighbacked against the lies, the corruption and the evil of the massmedia, as they are strangled by the secret police? Who are those? They are the true sons of light. The vast minority, persecuted by the mass, hanged by the dark priests, known by many, and yet a secret to most. They are the fighters for a better day, for a brighter morning, and for peace. For only through light will we obtain peace.

Now, there has been a lot of talk about the problems of Persia. Some of them are right, others are wrong. Ahmadinejad was, and is a foe of darkness, he prefers the cloaks of secret to his machinations. In this respect he was an antagonist of light. But the Persians have understood, that they are not just the club of spirit, and there are others who might wish to understand the way of spirit, and might even see, that there are dephts that they did not understand, but now they do, they are in agreement.

Often we see the world as we wish to see it. The founders of the Persian republic did not truly understand the world of the West, they thought it was the great Satan. But by focusing so much on the work of the dark angel, they became what they thought they were fighting. They thought; we need to fight evil with evil, and by that they were ensnared by the dark lord. They have been doing his bid for as long as they have been the Republic of Islam.

One might ask; what do the Persians need to do in the face of such fallacy? What would they do, now that they might realize, that they have been serving the same lord as they thought they were fighting. I will give you a simple answer; you have to get out of Qom,and  travel to the valley of tears.

Being an avid reader of classic Mesopotamian theory, since this is where most wisdom was actually  created, I stumbled upon a great tale. This tale was a tale of a journey. In the beginning some greek mercenarys were recruited by a certain Persian prince. As it was told, a prince of the most manly appearance, and then with a twist to his eye that spoke of good. The greeks travelled through a world of harshness and difficulty for their boss, and in the end they were lucky enough to get back to Hellas. In a shout of joy, they cried! Alas, there is our home! That prince was Cyrus, the founder of classical Persia.

I travelled along him and tried to dig into what the Zoroastrianists, the philosophers of Persia actually beieved in, and I realized, that the Persians were lucky to be the carriers of such a distinct philosophy as Zoroastrianism. It is so beautiful. The focus on goodness in thought, speech and action, the beauty of the supper, the steps onto the spiritual world as off seven.

As we jews are the carriers of the word of Abraham, Persians are the carriers of the word of Cyrus.

Now, there are many distractions, and many perspectives that are untrue, but the deep, sincere knowledge of the original Persians, is one of the treasures of the world.

It was all under heavy intellectual fire when the Arabs came and destroyed the last remnants of the proud Cyrus´ians. It had its last refuge in the valley of tears, where, and there was kept a small flame burning.

An intellectual renaissance of zoroastriansm, and a focus on goodness of the world, will turn the tables for the Persians. You know. It is not so, that you have to cast away all the other items of influence, that you were given after you lost the central focus. But you need to take the best of all the ideas you were given, not the worst. That is the wisdom of Grundtvig, the founder of Danish philosophy. But off cause you have to base your ideas on the most basic layer of your faith, not the latest. In this way you can create a profound and complex philosophy to carry your state.

The most important however, is the openness to democracy. You know, we are often so sure on this and that, but only through dialogue will we really know what is going on. If we supress all who are trying to be true, we will be lost.

My best advice would therefor be; try to make a deal with the Americans, on your own terms, but based of good thoughts, good deeds, and good actions. Try to use these things to reach peace.

I am sure your will be rewarded by both the Russians and the Americans, if you show apreciation to the outstreched hand you are given. We do not want war, but we do not accept the threath of nuclear armament of the Middle East, it will make the world a dangerous place, and it is not acceptable for anyone.

At the other hand, I do urge the Americans and the Jews to show some respect and acceptance of the Iranian perspective. They are hardpressed, and in this situation they will act out of any serious rationality. It is truly a proud people and culture we are confronting and we should treat it as such. But if they travel down the path of darkness, we should see them as an enemy of the lightcarriers.

Now, there is a problem with Syria. I have repeatedly urged Mr. Assad to step down and give his land some peace. It could be done in a simple manner; divide his territory into shares where each ethnicity had his own peace of land. That would solve the problem. But he is too proud, and confronts the rebellion with means not acceptable.

There is still a little time, but that time is running out. Please consider the offer proposed, before you go down in a rain of bullits and hellfire missiles.

Then to the new foe of the lightcarriers.

Many do not really seem to accept the fact, that a new virulent and dangerous enemy has reared its destructive and ugly head in the North. But consider the fact that a certain islamist gunned down small jewish children in France. Consider the fact that Oslo is the rape capital of the europeans peninsual. Consider the fact that leftwing palestinians are airing their neonazi ideas in the open, in Denmark, without any reaction from either the media or the liberals. It happened just a week ago in a reaction to the intifada of the Gazans, and the Israelean response. The liberal elite in Denmark are actively collaborating with Palestinians who openly support a neonazi ideology.

If this is not a wakeup sign to the world, well what is?

Scandinavia is rapidly turning into a nightmare version of Islam. All the worst and most despicable Palestinians, the ones who tore Lebanon to pieces, are actively now tearing Denmark to pieces.

It is so disgusting my words are too few to really explain the corruption I confront and see on a day to day basis.

This has to be a foe we, as an international community, is willing to confront. Are we supposed to just stand by as liberalism is merged with an extreme Gazan Hitlerism?

Are we just to stand by and look at it? What will that make us in the eyes of historical writers? In the days we were actually responsible for the world affairs, we just stood by and watched the Jews being burned out of Scandinavia? What will the judgement be upon us if we just shut up? It will be exactly the same as the Germans, when they were enrolled in the little fascists ideology eighty years ago. There is no “we did not know”, or “I did not personally concur the actions”. When you hear about someone who praise Hitler, and gets away with it, you should act. NOW!

G-d bless the peace we get if we are strong and true enough.

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