A new enemy

It is often difficult to understand what is right and wrong in situations, sometimes what seem wrong in one situation, will be right in another situation. This is the problem of perspective, there is however one remedy to that problem, and that is dialogue. If we are able to understand the opposite perspective, we might seek peace. This is the wisdom of Plato in his work Theatetus, the work that inspired Aristotle in his work Analytics, the founding book of science as we understand it today.

The wisdom is still true today, but we might also add, that hathred and prejudice often clouds the rationality we need to engage in dialogue, and this is the most common motivation for war.

There is huge problem with Scandinavia these days, and as usual, jews are the problem. Some think that they are a nuisance to the world, others, most jews, just see the new mix of antizionism/antisemitism as another piece of hatemongering. That is correct when jews are attacked as when they were attacked in the synagogue in Malmø, and numerous other inncidents in the daily life of Scandinavia.

You could discuss the issues of the West Bank, and obviously there are many perspectives on this discussion. But the pogroms initiated by people filled with hate and absurd conspiracy theories are not a part of the West Bank but, and this we have to admit and act upon, a part of a new face of antisemitism. It is the new Nazism of Europe, a strange mix of liberalism and the most virulent antisemitism spawned by the extreme haters of the followers of the dark lord, the fallen prince, the Satan.

This new foe that gave us a rapeinfested society, where girls are hunted for sport, where the state folows its line laid out by the late hippies of the seventies, without any perspective on the actual reality of the people of the state, is something we have to turn around. If not just for the girls, who are repeatedly raped, just to conquer the land, and for fun.

I do not like people who protect murderers and rapists, what are they? They are just the handmaidens of Satan, the tools with which he works behind.

We  need, to make a better world, to make a strategy, that will turn the wheels of this evil apparition we do encounter in the North.

It has to be tackled on all levels; academia, media, cultural life and most important, we need to realize, that the most potent weapon in the quiver of Satan, is the cloaked murderers of the secret police. They are the true enemy, as they lurk in darkness to fight the sons of light.

They are the archenemy, the evil incarnate. They are the murderers of the dark.

G-d bless the true light of truth

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  1. bilbo
    December 6th, 2012 at 12:10 | #1

    we need to change the way people vote.
    we need to do away with “election issues” and replacve them with voting issues.
    far too many politicians embrace a difficult problem purely for electoral issues only to drop the subject once an election is over.
    far too many voters allow them to do that.
    now, we should ensure that those things that matter influence EVERY vote we take regardless of that particular ballots importance and we should let the candidates know that.

  2. Rodger Lovelife
    December 16th, 2012 at 06:54 | #2

    The Chosenites youtube explains it all

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