Two states

I am reliving a horrendous toothache, yesterday I had a tooth redrawn from my upper Jaw. So these words on the two state solution is a bit influenced by my lack of concentration, so I hope, dear reader, you will take this into consideration as you read on.

First of all, I believe that the whole idea about a two state solution is a bit outdated. There are many differences between the different bits of the intended state. Obviously the West Bank do not seem to be interested in a control shared with the Gaza district. On top of this, there are huge different interests in the Golan heights and the Temple Mount. Would anyone really consider it a wise move to let Hamas rule the Temple Mount? I really doubt it with the Nazi infested ideology, they would probably just make a mess out of it, as they have done everything else they do. Then should Egypt control the Temple Mount? No that would not be tolerable to anybody else but the Egyptians and perhaps Hamas.

My point is, to make a viable solution to all the territories and holy sites that are in discussion in the two state solution, you will have to look at them individually. Each problem should be solved by all in unison making a solution everybody can agree about.

Then there is another problem with the discussions, a state solution should at least include the voice of the people living in the area. When the United States of America was founded the people had their voices heard in the amendments. This is why it works so well, all had a say. There are huge differences in interests between the Gazans and the West Bank, so a solution would be different in each case. On top of this a West Bank territorial independence combined with a organizational control in communion with Gaza would be really a two state solution, that is one: Gaza, two: The West Bank. This construction simply does not work, and would probably just end up as two states anyway.

We however need a solution to the issues on the long term. All are interested in this, so of cause we should start thinking how we could solve the issues, but it should be done in a way, that all are satisfied and all feel they have a equal share in the solution. No one should be prioritized over the other.

That is difficult.

Going trough with a solution in the UN will further possibly debase the authority of the UN, because to implement the solution they would have to force Israel or some of the other partners to the solution, and that is unrealistic. The UN simply do not have the power to do so. So after the Syrian crisis, where the UN failed, the UN is loosing authority, because people do not really respect the UN anymore. It is too weak in it ideas, and too loose in its implementation.

What we need is an objective and fair broker of peace and the well being of all nations, and honestly, it may seem as a strange thing to say, but if you look at the ideas of both Torah the Bible and the Koran, the light of the nations is the responsibility of Israel. Israel is supposed to help and make good work enabling the nations of the world to prosper and have health.

So in a strange way, Israel is a competitor to the UN, and I hope, as a Zionist, that at least Israel will try to live up to these expectations, and care for the common well being of all.

G-d bless the peace we strive for. Shalom.

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