We are entering a new phase in the war, we have to realize, that the enemy is not the Palestinians, they are nobody people really care about, they only represent the antagonists of who people really care about; us.

So the greatest enemy is not the outside enemy, but the inside enemy, the enemy of our own petty ambition, violence and territorial gain. Our own dark side, the satan within. We all have it, but if we, as the chosen people succumb to evil and corruption we are punished the most. This is what the conflict in the vicinity of Israel is all about; the dark side of the jews. If people see it, they will react in unison in rejection.

Now these words are easily said and difficult to realize, because to realize them, we have to understand the world, and understand ourselves. First the world.

We are living in a strange world, where we have enemies and friends intermingled. Some, or rather all of our friends have friends who are our enemies. The most simple principal categorization is like this; we are friends with the christians, and enemies with the muslims.  I know this is a crude and simple definition, but we need to boil it down to be able to maneuver the world. The most dominant christian countries are the United States of America and Russia. One being the dominant protestant country, the other being the dominant orthodox country. Then there is the Vatican church that represents the catholics. These are all friends, and they try to help us the best they can, but only, and that is the difficult part, if we fulfill the expectations. In plain english, fulfilling the expectations is basically doing as we are told to do in the Torah.

They expect us to be the light of the nations, that is; help the nations, carry them forward, support them in their crisis situations, save them when they are in trouble, inspire them to keep faith in the principles of our shared belief. Only if we do this will we be granted the respect we need to have to survive.

Our enemies are close by; mainly muslim countries as Iran, Saudi arabia, Qatar and all their webs of allies in the Middle East. They are weak alone, but strong if they can count on the help of their christian sponsors. You see? If we are friends and remain friends with America, Russia and the Vatican, they will deter the action of their quasi proxies; Iran, Saud i arabia and Qatar. This was exactly what happened in the last confrontation with Hamas; USA drew in their strings behind the curtains, and stopped the onslaught. USA helped us. Why? Well partly because we have helped them. I just used my entire summer holiday and a  lot of hours in my humble abode giving the Americans new ideas and a helping hand to move forward. It was partially a payback on that help. You see? I was a light on their nation, and they will pay back by helping Israel. It is off cause not only my work solely, I am just a small mover in a grand theater, but it is an example I believe we could use to further our strategical and spiritual progression along the principal lines of both Torah and Kabbalah. It was an act of love, and it was payed back in the same coin.

On the other hand, we cannot only try to live up to our own ideals in the political reality we live in the Middle East. We want to help and love and share, but the muslim countries are not really in the right mindset to accept our ideas. We tried it, but they are too filled with hate and anger to understand what we wish to offer them.

Therefor we need a defense.

This defense however has to be in accordance with the basic mission of Israel; to be the light upon the nation. If we lose the high moral ground in the conflict, we will lose the respect we gain as helpers of the christian countries. They, rightfully will think; ok, if Israel is not the moral equivalent of Jesus Christ, who we love and respect, why should we listen to them?

Therefor we are forced to be on the receiving side of the muslim aggression. We cannot do anything wrong in the conflict, we have to work as angels, accept the nonaggression role, and only defend ourselves with the least destructive force. After we have tested the Iron dome system, we are virtually living behind both physical and mental walls. Very little will penetrate  the high wall we have built around the Israel we have inherited.

Now, defense is good, but the possibility of a superior offense will also deter the muslim countries from aggression. They are simply too scared to attack us. That is why IDF has to be as strong as possible. Not to be used as an aggressive force, but as it is rightly named; a defense. always at the lookout for danger.

Combined with this we need a concerted effort of MOSSAD with the most precise attack units of IDF. America has shown us the efficiency of an armed intelligence force. It is not without its moral and ethical problems to arm the clandestine forces, but done in a precise and ethical way, we can use the precision, knowledge and technical gadgets of the robotic revolution, to take out enemies in the muslim world in an absolute respect for civilian casualties.

This is the strategy of David. We need to use David as an example. It will be accepted by our Christian friends, and be a natural way for us to fight.

But, these are just defense measures, we need a real offensive method to really turn the fortunes of Israel around.

In this area I propose a strategy that will really counter the strategy of our opponents. How do they actually fight? They do it by attacking Israel on multiple fronts at once; physical as in rocket launching. But much more efficient in cultural life in the christian world, in academics, in politics, in media. They use the Christians against us, by manipulating their view on us.

This is the real fight. We need to open that fight to win in the end. But, and there is a huge question mark to the strategy, is it ok? Do we not just then manipulate our friends, as the muslim world do? Here I believe we should be looking into ourselves, and see the real potential of Israel. Why did we build Zion? Was it just as a shelter for jews, or was there a deeper mission to the project?

There was, and there is; We are supposed to help all nations, shed light on them, help them rebuild themselves if they are in trouble, inspire them to make a better world for themselves and whoever they are in together with. It is a mission of love.

This mission should be the mission of a counterstrategy to all the hate and lies of the muslims. A strategy where we do try to be, with all we can, the example, the helping friend, the resources of people in need, the Gabriels and Michaels in this world. That is the true Zionist mission.

In practise we should setup ministries of each area; culture, media and academics. Jews who wish to fight for love, truth and a good cause anywhere in the world should be able to find resources and help in these ministries. Take the project of animal protection a young jew setup in Africa. This should be sponsored. Take the mission of Madonna to further the knowledge of Kabbalah, this should be sponsored. Anywhere there are good projects we can see will help the world in a better direction, we should do all we can to help those projects be realized. In a way it is propaganda, but in another way it is just the helping hand we return from what we get.

G-d bless Israel.

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  1. Rodger Lovelife
    December 8th, 2012 at 18:23 | #1

    Dozens of anti-Zionist orthodox Jews have protested outside the Israeli embassy in London to denounce the regime’s mistreatment of true Judaism and religious Jews.
    The orthodox protesters were angry at the news of a Jewish rabbi arrested for his attempts to stop the destruction of Jewish graves by the Israeli regime.
    Holding the title of “an outcry of British Jews against Israeli tyranny”, the Jewish rabbis said the Israeli regime suppresses religious freedoms and that it persecute, intimidate, and silence the voices of legitimate demonstrators.
    Condemning the Israel’s massacre of Palestinians, the protesters said they believe the violations of human rights committed by the Israeli regime is a major factor in rising anti-Semitism around the world.
    The rabbis said the apartheid regime of Israel has never and never will present the Jewish people and demanded Britain and other countries to cut their diplomatic ties with the Israeli regime. As Kissinger so eloquently said “in ten years time Israel will not exist”

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