The path of light

When we look at what is going on in the EU, one thing is very apparent. The EU has not been honest.

Often when decisions have been made, there have been little room for the people to really engage and say no. If the peoples say no, the bureaucracy just ignores it, and does what it wants anyway.

When it comes to decision, often these are taken in dark rooms, far away from the scrutiny of the press or public will.

The examples are in legio of actions that is done, that has no real ethic quality.

If you were really honest, you would call these actions evil.

I know, when I say it, you would probably raise your brows, and look down at me from an aloof stance.

But, think about it. What is good? It is honesty, transperency, shedding your own privileges to serve those whom you are employed.

That is good, to kiss the foot of the beggar.

My point is, to rectify the EU project, you need to find “G-d“ in a sense.

Because if you lose the vision of spirit, you do things that seem reasonable, but at a closer inspection are evil.

What you need, is a true, ethical, spiritual soulsearching. Look that fallen angel in the eyes, and see the path of beautiful light.

That is the answer, everything else is just talk.

G-d bless the will to do good, and that is, at least to be honest to yourself.

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