Hope and Change of Europe

I have been meditating on the problems of Europe and in specific that of the European Union.

We have a movement going on, that I created. That of the reemergence of the nationstate. It happens all over Europe these days, the people is taking back control, because the politicians and the political elite have forgotten to ask them what they want.

Good, that is as it should be. Congratulations all peoples of Europe.

At the other hand, we have a EU, that seek a new mission. What now?

Well, to create peace, one needs a true moral compass.

A moral compass, that will make one see what is truly good or bad in the world.

You can only have a good compass, if you believe in spirit. Because spirit is the ideal of ethics. It is the ultimate state of true love, borderless understanding and uncompromising loyalty.

This movement is what I believe is really needed. To find faith in Hope and Change. Hope in a better world, and Change into a sound and respectful system.

It will, in other words, require a lot of soulsearching, and honesty towards ourselves.

Good is never simple, it is always complicated, because the world is complicated.

Open borders may, at the surface, seem like a benevolent and good thing, but if the consequence is rampant crime and the destruction of the states of Europe, then it is a bad thing.

One needs to find a compromise.

THAT is the only way for a renewed and vibrant Europe, to find faith. Not on a superficial or simple level, but on a true, intelligent and deep level.

It all comes back to the basic question; what is good?

That is a project I would like to commence, and perhaps seek to unify all those spiritual believers, that seek to further the realm of G-d here on earth.

We all wish to better the situation, we do not all agree, but we do agree on one thing.

We work for spirit, to realize his work here on earth.

That is good deeds, good speaking and good thoughts.

G-d bless the will to do good here in our lives.

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