A good meeting at OFA

Yesterday, I joined a meeting in OFA, Organizing for Action. The organization that is behind the Liberal party of the US, or rather one of the organizations.

I wanted to see how things worked, and the vibe of the current party. Not to spy, but to see if I can help somehow.

I came away really impressed. The level of commitment is top notch, the skill is top notch, and everybody seems to be on the same page.

It was really a good experience actually.

The time here in Denmark lags after the US with seven hours. So your 7 pm is my 2 am. This meant, that I had to wake up at 1.50 am, that is in the middle of the night, at join the web class that OFA makes.

My second daughter has been sick the last couple of days, so I had to take care of her. That is, I had to carry her around from 10 pm to 12 pm, so you could imagine how wasted I was before I got to the computer.

But it was a truly good class, with a lot of good tips, so that was good.

IF you make more classes like that, an idea would be to perhaps make a little earlier. I know it is a bit much, but with small kids that keeps screaming all night, 2 am is a little difficult for me at least. But I understand, that you cant make classes for me.

Anyway, it is a good start.

I would love to get more involved in the party strategic work.

There is another thing. Right now, I am shifting my work. I got a small, tiny job as a teacher at college, and I would love to continue working with politics.

I have a good friend here in Denmark, that I will work with Danish politics with. But I would really love working, that is truly working, getting paid and so on, in American politics.

This may not be possible, I know, and I will do all I can to help anyway.

I have small kids, they need food at the table as well.

Anyway, as it stands. It was a good first meeting, and I look forward to see how things progress.

G-d bless you, and thank you for a nice web seminar.

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