The way forward EU

To Change something in politics, you need to do it on an enlightened basis.

The EU is essentially Socialdemocratic. There are some conservatives, but the bulk of the politicians and bureaucrats have one leg in democracy and one leg in socialism.

This means, that Change, needs to reflect that basis.

At the core of Social Democratism then lie three thinkers. Karl Marx and Aristotle/Plato. Karl Marx being the socialist thinker and Aristotle/Plato being the democratic thinkers.

So to create Change, you need to understand these ideas of what you yourself believe in.

To dig a little deeper, one needs to see, that the two pairs of thinkers represent a dichotomy of two warring parts in the Hellene classical world. Karl Marx believed in Sparta, and Aristotle/Plato believed in Athens.

It is a little too simplicstic, because Plato had a huge investment in Sparta, but this is just to simplify things.

So in order to understand the basis we are basing the current system on, one needs to understand that the collective ideas are actually an amalgam between two systems.

We are in deep trouble, what do we do about that?

Well, seen from a philosophical point of view, it really is not that strange. Lycurgus, the philosopher who founded Sparta, and thereby socialism, is quite clear about the foundation of socialism, Sparta had to be a hermetically closed city to work. Communism only works, if it based on a solidarity between equals that have a long history behind them.

Sparta as a city was a kind of extended family, because everybody knew each other, and honestly were family.

THIS is why communism doesn’t work. You cannot have a community if nobody knows each other.

It is as simple as that. Marx did not respect the wise counsel of Lycurgus, and therefore all these problems.

Open borders, that is a distant echo of workers unite wherever you are, is false in a political architectural sense.

So what is the obvious path after this realization. The obvious path is to make sensible borders. I mean it is not civil war between feuding tribes, but a sensible national border structure.

G-d bless the will, to see reason and understand, that civil service is just that. To serve the interest of the people, not the other way around.

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