I know, that many people look at my writings, and tell themselves, well he is a nerd so fra away from my world, why would I want to listen to him.

You are absolutely right about that, I am a nerd so far away from your problems, that it seems absolutely insane to listen to me.

Why, because I do what I thing is most important, I hunt for the truth and that of humanity.

This hunt brings me very, very, very far away from this world, because this world is so mired in sleepish, tired ideas, that new ideas seem like taken out of a fairytale.

To believe in G-d again, how old fashioned. To search for truth again, how quaint and unmodern. To have faith in a better world, well that was before the deconstruction.

I am an acquired taste, something that is either extremely oldfashioned, or, perhaps, and this is where you come into the picture, the future.

When Lot went into the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, he asked G-d to give that corrupted city a chance, if just ten men bedsides himself was good. Just ten men.

G-d looked and looked, but there was not just one good man, so he put flames to the cities, and Lot had to flee. Yes they even tried to hunt down Lot, to shut him up, because he spoke about the injustice he saw.

Do you recognize this picture? Maybe there is a person in your country, who seeks to speak the truth, and he is not helped, but cast out.

What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Think about it for a second.

I am not judging, I just recount the stories of the Old Testament or the book of Thorah, you judge for yourself.

Sometimes, you reach a point, where the truth sayers are not listened to, and this is THE MOST important time to listen to those who speak truth, otherwise your country or city will crumble.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of people who listen, just maybe one or two. But they have to be there, and you have to listen to them, otherwise the city will stop being rich and honest.

Truth is a difficult thing. I know, often it is scarce, and often it is difficult to handle. But truth is the salt in the soup, what brings flavor to the society. So, if you want a society that tastes of something, that has flavor, you need to accept and appreciate the salt in the soup.

G-d bless the willingness to understand that truth is a savior, or is THE savior.

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