In the upcoming synod I think, humbly, that we need to envelop the entire process in a theological frame, that truly lifts the entire religious discourse. Before I had the pleasure to visit the discourse, ideas as intelligent design and the like was really the sharp spearhead of moderne theology, but the problem was; it was not accepted by the layman or the modern media. So, it lived a life of ridicule and nonacceptance by mainstream. This has changed with my theology, or rather the theology of Anaxagoras. Why? Because people take it serious. The sincere attempt to meet modern scientists and natural science is seen as something new and viable. Ok, I have not been seriously criticized by international natural scientists, only some of my friends here in Denmark who are good, but not on an international level. But even they accept the premise and are not always in agreement, and very critical, but understand the language, the ideas and sees it as a relevant partner.

The process that began with the reformation has finally begun to revert, and while as we have had five hundred years of separation between mainstream society and theology, we now see the opposite reaction. I believe that his eminent pope Francis is a representative of this development. It has yet to truly materialize in the protestant world. But there are attempts, though not successful as of yet. But we will get there with a little patience and hard work. We also need the wise anglican bishop of Cantebury to reach out again. I am not saying this for my own benefit, but because YOU need it. We cannot stop here, we need to plow on and safe Oxford. The shire requires it. If not put in motion by his emince, perhaps other denizens of the proud town could put something in motion. You need me more than you know, but need to open the door I cannot do it myself.

In Denmark there are little lights shining, and hopefully they will get brighter. Not to mention that Germany seems to, after all, want the Danish connection strengthened. I am here, to save and fight along all the angels of Germany.

Looking at the theology itself. I think we need to see it in a wider perspective. Christianity began as a superstructure of the theology of the Roman empire. In Rome ideas from ancient Persia, Egypt and of cause Israel was welded together into a new ideology. In this construct one element was conspicuously missing, the philosophy of the etruscans and their ideas of discipline. I have recommended these principles to reemerge to some extent in Rome, after all, this was what Rome was built upon. Especially in relation to money and other immoral degrees. It helped, and his eminence Francis has been fast cleaning up the mess, and Roman imperator would have done.

Then comes the dark ages where Plato was really the crux of Christian theology. I have pondered quite a bit about this, off cause. I read Plato very much, and even have a proposition as to a dialogue that could be a starting point for the synod to use. I have to read a little more before I truly recommend it. But as you see on the fresco here on top of the page. Plato in the middle points upwards, to the heaven. This is not by coincidence, he was the more spiritual of the pair Aristotle and Plato. Aristotle points downwards.

Anyway, after having read the dialogue Timeaus quite a lot, as you see on the picture, the church went on to Aristotle and started reading his book Ethics. Anyway, if you focus mostly on the pupil and forget about the master. Well, off cause the level will be lower. Do not get me wrong, Aristotle is a master compared to any of us today. In fact no one of the living intellectuals come even close to his level today, but compared to Plato, his is still the student, not the master.

So going back to Plato renders a good opportunity to lift the level of theory quite a bit. But now comes the real catch. Plato did also have a master, the hitherto unbeknown Anaxagoras. Everybody believes that his master was Socrates. And off cause Socrates was one master of Plato, and he was a genius in the field of ethics. But the true, true genius behind Plato was Anagoras. The very idea behind Timaus is a Anagorean idea. The idea that spirit is intelligence.

So what I am really recommending is not only a practical focus on the family as a tool for the believers to get a good life and connect to the spirit. I am also recommending an ambitious project to lift the entire theological framework behind the church. If we are to compete with natural science, we need to be better in theology. But if we are, we will be accepted on the same level as the scientist. This is what Francis has proved.

G-d bless the will to be free of the shackles of ridicule.

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