1144263350_akhenaten and his familyConcerning the upcoming synod the family. I think, that it is very important to understand this in a metaphysical light.

As in the ancient Egyptian temples, what we do, we do it to reflect the existence of G-d. Prayer was originally such a thing. To emulate and to get closer to G-d, the priest there tried to emulate the world of spirit.

The same is the idea of the family, as I understand it, in the light of the “heretic king”, Akhenaten. That is the founder of the monotheistic religions. He sat there, with his little daughter on his lap, and held a loving hand to his spouse. Why? What can we envision this early Moses to do in his philosophy? Perhaps he, as the priests emulated the heavenly kingdom on earth.

Spirit is love, it is interconnected and boundless. When we step into this world, we are met with loneliness. We are isolated within each of our little shells. The family is a remedy to this. We have our children that we truly love, our aunts and uncles whom we also love. This is how it is in the realm of G-d.

So in a sense, the basic idea of a family is more than just a place for ethics. Ethics is important, so that we may share our feelings and our daily bread. But we must, as I see it, in the very original sense of the idea of the family, see love at the heart of this institution. Remember this when we care for our little ones, protect them, share our life with them. We do this to get closer to all our spiritual selfs.

G-d bless the will to understand and love.

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