“Make no show of cowardice then on your part, seeing the greatness of the issues at stake, and I will show that what I preach to others I can practice myself” 

Brasidas, Spartan leader in the Pelleponesian war.

There seems to be some synergy going on in the international sphere of politics. A lot of the ideas that I have had, do correspond very much with the ideas of mr. Trump.

Probably because that I have been so dominant in political development, so things combine.

This is truly a great opportunity for mr. Trump to work with European allies and Russia.

There will be no difficulty in cooperating with mr. Wilder or ms. Le Pen. Add to this a great many common interests with the current U.K. administration. In fact the common enemies and the common ideological basis really make an alliance logical and easy.

We fight for democracy against radical islam or rather political islam.

These strategic and ideological paths are now so well trod, that even the most negative politician will see it as politically admissible to counter the threat of islamism.

I do however really support mr. Cain in his criticism of use of torture. It may be opportune, but we need to fight with honor to win. As soon, as we lose our honor we also lose the moral glue that binds the alliance together.

The higher your honor is on a battlefield, the better your league will work. It is seen numerous times, especially in the Pelleponesian war, where a certain Spartan captain Brasidas fought with so much honor, that he even turned to enemies to his cause.

Honor is the most important thing in battle.

G-d bless the Western world, and may we rebound.

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