Well mr. trump. Things are moving in the right direction, but it is very difficult.

Blitz politicising seems to be a good tactics, it leaves all the opponents a bit dumbfounded, but they will be back, with a vengeance.

Anyway, I believe that the renewed positive friendship with Russia, is really the best thing come out of the first week or so.

This is truly historic, the end of the cold war. Well done mr. Trump.

It was prepared by mr. Obama in his first term, and concluded with you now. That is really good.

In order to capture the moment, and truly go through with it, there is however a diplomatic dance to be done at the “borders” of the cold war. Still the alliances there are very vivid and you and mr. Putin will have to deliver on the peace.

Show the Baltics that you are honest about the peace, make a good deal with Ukraine. There are other places that are still affected, ask your diplomats to find a good solution to these border disputes.

If you and mr. Putin succeeds with that, you can address your other allies and show that they should not be worried about it, and then start focusing on the real threat; Islamism.

You had a good conversation with ms. May as well, well done. She is a vital ally. The UK needs all the support it can get in this difficult situation. I am thinking a lot about it, and planning a trip to Oxford that may help the Brits.

In the Middle East, the push back on the Muslim Brotherhood is a REALLY good move. I agree with that, I have done it myself.

This opens up a potential alliance with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Because the Muslim Brotherhood is in opposition to these two states.

There are, however, a lot of consideration in these strategical alliances.

First of all, Saudi Arabia is an ally of Israel. And that is very good, this is the same with Egypt. Alienating them, will be really bad for Israel. At the other side, Saudi Arabia is rumoured to sponsor some terror activity. This I honestly do not know.

I think Saudi Arabia is a possible ally, and they are moving in a very positive direction. But the secret service has to be in on this, to make sure.

Israel, well thank you very much, we are absolutely in line with each other here. Mr. Netanyahu is a Churchillian as yourself. You can trust him. Make him a friend.

Concerning the European States in general, I would wait a little to make serious commitments. There are a lot of elections coming up, and the EU is really falling apart. Be nice, but see where the trends are leaving you, before you make any serious action.

Except for France. I really believe that they are on our side, the pro democratic fight is at the heart of all Frenchmen, right or left.

BUT Denmark and Norway should be completely ignored until they leave their pro islamist stance. Now added with Denmark a antisemitic stance. Disgusting.

G-d bless the willingness to be a serious friend.

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