New ways

The media hysteria and the hysteria in other parts of the liberal part of our party is simply dishonouring. We lost, I fought hardest of all, I lost. But when you lose, you have to take it standing up. Otherwise it is just terribly embarrassing.

I have never lost an election before, and yet this one I lost, so for me it was demoralising.

Nonetheless, here we are, one week into the Trump administration, and the things that I and Obama have worked on are flourishing. Even the hallmark policies of Barack are left alone.

In terms of policy, this is an astounding victory.

What we have lost, and in fact, I think that is good for us, is the power of the media.

Complete power corrupts, and we have been corrupted.

We just have to realise, that our power has gone from 90% to 10% in a week.

That is the way it is.

If we look at the basis of our policies, one thing truly shines as a problem. The Frankfurtschool. Until now, it has been the tyranny of the minorities. Do not have me wrong, minorities should be protected, but not given a dictatorship whip.

Liberal policies are not that. Liberalism is humanism. The ability to view the individual as one beautiful harmonious being. To see nature in all its glory. To enlighten the world. To strive for harmony.

We need to shift focus, and shift theoretical allegiance.

We have to be civil right movement oriented again. Not against all those who do not like our minorities, but for the beauty of the individual.

As Henry David Thoreau said when he observed the flourishing of an acorn besides a pine sprout. Each sprout was fiercely THEMSELVES, individual. They grew up side by side, and would grow up until the strongest survived. That is off cause uncivilised, we need to curb the will the strong. However, we need to support the beauty of the individual being.

G-d bless the will to find new ways.

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