What is really important?

When you are under pressure, you need to look a little inwards to accept and see WHY you are in trouble. Troubled times calls for reflection and understanding of the whys and the hows, so that you can find new solutions.

One thing I truly believe ms. Clinton had right, was what was in herself. All the ideas of multiculturalism and minority rights are off cause liberal ideas. But if you looked beyond these common ideas, and really looked at ms. Clinton. She had one quality we can learn from; she cared, first and foremost for the child.

When you look at it from the perspective of the child, many of the priorities of the current policies does not make much sense.

What does a child need? It needs a firm foundation. That is, it needs a family. The family it needs is often not a fancy family. But just a totally, normal family, with normal parents, in a boring little village, somewhere far away. A place where few things happen, and we are seeing the same people over and over again. Good friends, a harmonious school, a good teacher.

That is the priority of the child.

Now, fighting for womens liberation, does that add or subtract to those needs? It subtracts.

Now, fighting for gay rights, does that add or subtract to the needs of the child? It subtracts.

Now fighting for all muslims, indesrimenatebly, does that add or subtract to the needs of a child. Well that is a minus, as our children realised in the rock concert in Bataclan.

You know, my point is, that most of the policies we have been bartering are actually directly against the needs of our children. Just think about that.

Now, I still really do believe we should fight for minorities, but it is truly, in time, that we do a reality check, and get our priorities right.

Now, the dictatorship of the minorities is an idea of the Frankfurterschool. These eggheads never lived in the real life, but lived a life of academians without much grounding.

These are not the types we wish to follow. We wish to follow those, who actually live a live. Who are doing the things themselves that they preach. Like Hillary Clinton.

When I work with children. It seems to me, that their parents, and those who are supposed to be most pro children are often the opposite.

The liberals, they work too much. Caring too much about career, and their “rightful” place in society.

To care for children is to give, not to have. To give your career, not taking it. Sacrifising yourself for the wellbeing of your those you care most for.

Here I am not talking about ONLY the women, but both ways, men AND women.

But at the end of the day, the best thing you can do, is to look at where you stand, and try to figure out, how YOUR life will succeed. Not just what everybody else around you may have of ideas.

Look besides you, what do you see there? You see those loving, caring vulnerable eyes, perhaps it is time for us to truly take care of those small little beings besides us, instead of just living our stupid ideas out.

G-d bless the willingness to look at things anew.

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