It is truly difficult to be honest about things. One of the worst things that the world often faces, is the persecution of Jews. We Jews are not to be blamed for what people often think of as vile deeds. Antisemitism come in all shapes and forms. From the most base, to an advanced one in Nazism.

My great grandmother had to flee in what was the purge of Jews in Denmark seventy years ago. She did make it, because she was resilient and had help.

But today this story is slowly fading away in the consciousness of the Danes. We think of it as in another time, a story that has nothing to tell us today.

But is that really true?

A year and half ago a young islamist attacked my Vilks comitee with a loaded machinegun. He simply shot in through the windows of the place, where we were meeting.

Then he was gone, after killing a filmmaker, in cold blood.

The police obviously did not know much about him, so he had time to plan another black deed.

What he did, was to go to the Jewish synagogue. There he drew his gun again and killed the Jewish guard in cold blood.

A manhunt started, and he was shot down by the special police.

Now, what does that case tell us?

First of all, it tells us, that the islamists obviously connect the liberal cause with prosemitism. First he went to my comitee, killed one person, then, he killed a Jew.

This is obvious.

Then after the onslaught, there was this public uproar, and people started marching, singing “Imagine” and what not.

The prime minister held emotional speeches and everybody was appalled.

Nevertheless, you see, things fade in memory, and now, after one and half year the worms start creeping out of the woodwork. Because he had a friends the young islamist. He had friends, and now they see it fit to begin working.

Who are they?

Well, I would never have believed it possible, but it is firstly the system of judges. Now they are really interested in the memory of the assailant. They feel that his family must have feelings also, and we therefor have to protect these feelings.

Did anyone say twisted moral compass? So what do they do? As a direct insult to the Jew that was slaughtered in cold blood, they attack the former head of the Mosiac faith, conjuring some bogus complaint.

Talk about a kangaroo court.

What is really disheartening though, is the LACK of reaction from …. everybody.

No one cares, no one raises an eyebrow. It is just “business as usual”. This is when I am truly alarmed. Because here, seventy years after the Holocaust, what was the main problem with the purge of Jewry on the East front.

It was the silence of the German people. No one really cared. Oh yes there were rumors, but who cared? Probably just rumors, and if the press does not report on it, it is probably just wrong.

The truly scary thing about the Nazis, was the compliance of the German people.

Does this ring a bell with the states accusations on Finn Rudaizky?

No one seems to care.

That is where the true antisemitism is showing its ugly head. With carelessness.

G-d bless the victims of the Holocaust, and may we never forget.

This post only represents my views on the issue and is not the official stance of the Vilks comitee.

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