A rebounding US

The world tends to move in interesting ways, as one of the movers and shakers of the international political world, it seems to me, that the progress I have been able to create seems to last.

After mr. Barack Obama left from office, the Socialdemocratic world has lapsed back to a pre Obama ideology. It is pro Palestinian, all in on gender, identity politics, climate and so on.

This has become a tomb for Socialdemocratism. You can see it in the election passed in Israel, Socialdemocratism wiped out. In France, mr. Macron is hanging in a loose thread. 

The ideas behind the current cultural Marxism simply is not a viable set of ideas. 

The exception to the rule is mr. Barack Obama. His way; Change, has led the US from a decaying Empire to a sound rebounding. The Eagle is flying again. 

Still the US is licking its wounds, gathering energy to the next fight that is coming. But it is stable, things are going in the right direction, and most important of all: American Democracy is healthy and getting better. The city on that shining hill is cleaning its windows and polishing its handles. 

The same goes for Socialdemocratism in Denmark in fact, we are nearing election time, and the Socialdemocrats are winning by a healthy margin in all polls. 

That is Change. 

So we are slowly gearing up for a new presidential election. It seems that mr. Biden is elected as the president candidate. That is marvelous. I know that man as a good man, and I will happily help him all the way. 

It is also good for American Social Democratism, because this means, that Change is still coming, bringing Hope.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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