A world of openess

There has been this amazing symposium regarding openness in regards to government in Tallin last week.

These ideas hark all the way back to the US, where mr. Niels Bohr lead the development of nuclear bombs, a thing he really felt bad about afterwards.

Niels Bohr is the father of the ‘Copenhagen spirit’ that is still very prevalent in a lot of Silicon Valley.

The point being, that to make a world that is in peace, one needs people to speak and communicate across borders.

Thereby the cry for openness.

It REALLY warms my heart to see how the Eastern European countries are truly leading in this development. It warms me, because at the base of this development lie an attempt at creating a better, more warm and trustful world.

But it is no coincidence, that the Eastern Europeans are leading in this development, it is because, they have met closedness in the communist era.

They know how it is, to be surveyed all the time, being send to camps, if you do not conform to whatever the government believe is the new vogue, the seeping evil, the creative way, that the KGB or the STASI world keep taps on all who were deemed ‘dangerous’ to public calm.

So, that is why, the Eastern Europeans are leading in this development, they KNOW the value of freedom.

Lest they be a beacon of hope, in a world a darkness and repression, support them, and maybe, they will inspire the rest of the world, to make a conversation, free of the strings of the dark forces, that is a part of many corrupted governments around the world.

G-d bless the freedom they may inspire us with.

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