Academic renaissance

I have thought a lot about the current crisis within academia. To my mind, it is essentially a problem of too much diversification.

According to Plato, the aim of knowledge is to unify. To him academia (that is the garden where Plato taught originally) is to unify knowledge. Hence the term Universtity.

To him, heaven is a place where we are all unified, and consequently the same must be the aim of learning here on earth. In Epinomis the Platonic dialogue, this is his point.

He discusses geometry and mathematics, as he claims that these are some of the core scientific subjects.

I agree with Plato, instead of burying ourselves into our own subject, we need the cross breeders to have more space.

How do we do that? Well to be absolutely honest, I believe we should stop all scientific discussion right now, and then all read Plato.

Go back to that original academic point of departure, and then accord our ideas into the ideas of Plato.

Let him be the guiding star of a new academic development.

G-d bless the will to be academic again.

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