Ahmadinejad continued

We are entering a new phase in the ongoing feud with Ahmadinejad, his moves are not enclosed in secrecy, due to the openness of internet. We know what he does and consequently his network of power emerges.

Let us have a look on the current events, and the consequent implications.

The most revealing move is the sudden UN proposal to Denmark. All of a sudden, out of the blue UN wants Denmark to take in more refugees. Now why? It is a move of Ahmadinejad. If we look at what we know, we know from CAIR investigations done by the FBI, that CAIR works progressively to enhance muslim immigration to the US. They are not good at it, but the sister organisation; OIC is very good at it. OIC works with the EU. Now this is a public policy of the Arabian countries that is being CAIR and OIC. How would the Shias, who are more motivated in to work on the infiltration process of the West not work in the same field as CAIR and OIC? Off cause they would sponsor and work for immigration that would put loyal supporters in the heart of enemy territory, that is; Palestinians, Somalis and so on.

Exactly this is the situation in Denmark and other countries loyal to the US and the democratic ideals we share. We are at the receiving end of hordes of people loyal to Ahmadinejad and his cronies; Somalis, Palestinians, and they all come through the UN system, where we know that many Islamist countries have a lot of power in, among other places, the human rights organisation.

Ahmadinejad has infiltrated the UN and is using the UN as a way to further infiltrate the West. The loyal supporters of Ahmadinejad is branded as “refugees” and planted in the countries that is in opposition to him.

This has been going on in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and probably also England and Germany. It is a hostile, infiltration that is still not acknowledged in the said countries.

Added to the hostile infiltration the infiltration is purposely continued in the attacked country. Media, universities, infrastructure, police and the legal system is infiltrated by moles and spies. This we know CAIR has been working on for a long time, why not the Shia, probably they do.

The infiltration by the islamic organizations are so deftly and professionally done (according to the FBI survey) that it has gone un unnoticed. That is the case in the US where the secret service organizations are of a much higher quality than the Danish counterpart, so probably they have not realized the danger here in Denmark, but are fooled by the professional shia infiltrators.

A good example is the jail imam process. According to FBI this is an infiltration move done by the arab infiltrators. The imams work as recruiters in the jail, recruiting jihadis among the inmates. Same is happening in Denmark, and in Denmark this is not acknowledged, but seen as a peaceful move.

Infiltration is ongoing and the public services bodies are not doing their work as in the US.

That was one move.

Now let us have a look at the media.

Shortly after the Hormuz confrontation was defused by Obama, all of a sudden media, especially socialist leaning media made stories about the usual “Israelis are thugs tyrannising the Palestinians”, you can have your opinion about the matter, I would not say that any of the sides are without blame, that is not the point, the point is the timing. Why do we hear about it right when Ahmadinejad wants some action; it is one of his tools. He controls a lot of the socialist leaning media in the West, and he is able to plant stories that are pro his cause and anti semitic. It goes through the socialist leaning media.

It does not work anymore after the internet and social media have become; in this case, stronger than mass media. So his tool has been blunted, to our luck.

Then we have to refocus on the conflict in the Middle East. He has contrived a new strategy that is good if it was aimed at someone without rational thinking, and this is where he underestimates us.

The narrowing of the Hormuz strait day by day, is another ruse; he wants us to attack, and he is trying to bait us by increasing the pressure.

If he really wanted peace, he would have tried to put pressure on us that is non physical. He does not, he increases the pressure in the physical confrontation that is in the Hormuz.

Now if we take the bait and start the physical war, we would lose, because we do not, yet have the casus belli. We need a serious crime done by Ahmadinejad to attack the physical military infrastructure with weapons of destruction. Otherwise we will lose the support of the iranian people and the rest of the world. We need to make peace not war, and an unprovoked attack, would not be an a way to win peace.

We should, in all ways try to make a peaceful solution, if the attack comes, it should be done by Ahmadinejad, not us. It will come, but we should always keep the high moral ground not attacking unless we are absolutely forced to.

Then there is the discussion about the nuclear war threat. It is a very difficult discussion, and it involves different parties and weapon estimations.

Now Ahmadinejad has a much stronger and much more lethal weapon than the atomic bomb he is building. Through Europe and large parts of the western world, he has built up a gigantic army of irregulars, that are waiting for his word to start the war. I think that the religious infrastructure that is here in Denmark must be, more or less the same everywhere else.

This is how it works in Denmark.

In the city center of Copenhagen, there is a huge mosque project going on. This mosque project is, according to my iranian friends, directly supported by the iranian government. In fact the mosque is supposed to be a direct copy of a traditional Qom shia mosque.

Now, what does this imply; it implies a serious and well working iranian infrastructure in the capital of Copenhagen, that is; organized charity, schooling, religious services, and most important; military services. A thing that, again according to the FBI investigation, is paramount to the islamic infiltration.

They are gearing up for war in the shia network of mosques, schools and nursery homes.

The size of the irregular army Ahmadinejad has to his disposition is very difficult to estimate. But knowing that the hierarchy of the shia system is very top down, he has, potentially all the muslims that is attending mosque prayers at his disposal.

That is a lot of people.

It is all just a huge conspiracy, and we are very far behind.

Right now Ahmadinejad is playing out his resources in the most efficient way. If he can make other people do his work; fine. He would love Russia, China and the US, Israel fighting each other. Why? Because he would not have to use his own resources. But he might change his mind, and fire off the islamic infiltration he has in place already.

That would be a lot of muslims, loyal to Ahmadinejad going berserk in the capitals of the West. They would simply start shooting people, murdering and so on, and we would be infiltrated on most levels, so we would have almost no defense; no police, no serious media cover, no fighters loyal to democracy.

Well, we have in the shape of democratic fighters in an embryonic state, but it would take some time to rebuild the system, and a lot of people would have vanished when we are that far.

This is why I have supported EDL and SIAD, because I knew of the iranian network, and thought it would be of an extreme importance to prepare the danes and the rest of the Europeans on the weapon of true mass destruction Ahmadinejad is able to fire off.

This has given me a lot of PC critique that I have had to endure, but the systems are in place, and we are holding a founding convention in a months time. We are prepared the best we can.

So, we are successful in defusing the ruse Ahmadinejad has put up initially, but we are not close to any real confrontation with Ahmadinejad himself, he still has not fired off a single shot, and we cannot do that to him then.

The forces are slowly building up in the third world war.

We won first round, we will not be that lucky in the next rounds, now he is prepared, and he will try no more to play us out against each other, but rather to hurt us so we will lose of the motivation to fight.

As he is trying everywhere in the world right now; hitting in insecure israeli targets; backpackers.

He is a vile fox, and we need to enlighten his work. Tell everybody in the world what we know for sure. My analysis is just “connecting the dots”, some of the points I have hard prove of, some are just theses resting on pattern recognition and media sources. I read debka.com a lot, that is, the best and most reliable source that I have come across.

Anyway, let us be sharp, focused, foil Ahmadinejad plans where we can.

And most important, defuse his irregular army in the West. The secret services has to get moving; use the methods the FBI did describe in “Muslim mafia”, and start defusing his army.

We still have a little time, but time is running out, and we need to move.

G-d bless us all, as we fight to bring peace and prosperity to the inhabitants of the world.

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