American election

The American election is really getting out of hand. The international hubbub over the islamist aggression and attacks on first Charlie Hebdo and then the Vilks committee has really rattled the international community, not to mention the general American public.

To good reason, the crisis is really potent, and the future do look bleak.

But then that is how it is, wartime calls for war-leaders.

On the liberal side we have Sanders. He is a war leader, aggressive, tough, and good hearted. On the Republican side we have Trump, who has the same qualities.

Instead of taking sides, perhaps we should look a bit on the larger picture. I do not know who will be the winner of the contest. And the solutions they offer are quite different. But if we look at the enemy; the islamist. They are both on the same side. So on that point they are focused.

I will not take any part, and I think it is wrong to start pointing fingers before the election has begun. Let us see what is coming. The largest power in the world is getting into war stance. We should realise this, and hope that we are on the good side of his wrath.

G-d bless the willingness to be open to all solutions, but please let them be based on humanity and truth.

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