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I had decided not to help anyone in the American election, and I will not do much, but it really seems to me, that the Democratic camp really needs some advice to get on.

I will do this a little, just to get you going, I owe you this, and you are really using all my philosophy to the best extent, so I will help.

First things first. You are doing yourself a great disservice by alienating all the voters that are attracted by mr. Trump. You do not win elections by vilifying someone, you win elections by having good answers to the problems that trouble the nations you try to be elected to. Voters look for answers not for mudslinging.

I mean, if you start the mudslinging, who are you to point fingers? It is not to say, that you do not point to weaknesses in your opponents armour, but mudslinging is stupid.

Then, another thing. If you have strong opponent, you need to learn from him. This was what Mitt Romney did at the last election Barack and I did together. He learned, and almost beat us. Mr. Trump is truly doing the same. The main part of his election content is something Barack and I cooked up; the economical fight against China, the fight against IS. He even talks about Change. Do not get mr. Trump wrong, he is a very centerleaning conservative, he even likes gays!

What he has brought to the table is the problems about migration in the south. I do not know much about this problem, I live very far away from it. But is must be a pretty big one, otherwise he would not have been able to make such a strong political platform on it.

We need to come up with some serious answers to this problem. Something that will solve the problem within a frame of humanity.

In Europe we have just have a bit of the same problem, a lot of migration, a bit more serious because in the migrant train a lot of the IS fighters were hidden, but migration brings a lot of instability. We tried to tackle it by closing the borders, and so far that has helped even though we still live with the aftermath of the problems. Problems that seem to tear the European Union into little pieces, so it is pretty serious.

But, basically you probably need to do the same; get control of the borders to some extent. Or rather to the extent that the voters and the citizens accept. This does not imply that you have to throw out all mexicans out of the US. But you need a measure of control, if the trends are the same as in Europe.

We need to listen to the worries of the people, otherwise we are not truly democratic.

Then there is the IS strategy. Well, mr. Trump has, more or less adapted the strategy that Barack and I develop. It meets several basic requirements, it is pretty responsibly in terms of ressource using. We truly do not waste lives, it works as a strategic umbrella that has a place for everybody, even Russia, and it keeps the flame of humanistic democracy alight.

So we need a strategy that is serious, supports the economic turnaround Barack has given us, and then looks ten or fiveteen years ahead.

So we need to keep production flowing into the country, not out, we need to prepare for a war against China, and we need to fight down IS. While we do this, we need to gather the ressources needed to fight these fights.

In the Middle East, Barack and I are popular. To the extent, that there has been no major wars apart from the Syrian civil war. This may sound not much, but this area has been alive with war the last 6000 years, so it has been a very calm tenure mr. Obama has presided over.

We need to understand what he has been trying to do. He has been trying to create an equilibrium between the warring factions in the Middle East; Sunni against Shia. By supporting both factions, he has brought peace.

Mr. Netanyahu of Israel has not been too keen on that arrangement, and has been a bit angry, but also acknowledges that it is a new angle on peacekeeping the Middle East.

The greater objective being a common foundation under all monotheistic religions. That being a messianic aim.

Pretty ambitious right?

Being a man of great grace, mr. Obama has never said it loud, but this has been his claim to fame.

When he is gone, there is still me to keep the flame alive and keep his legacy, and I will do my very best.

So you see, there are many little strategic considerations and moves you need to take into consideration if you want to live up to what Barack has done. It is complex, and difficult to get a grasp on. You will need to read up on all of it.

Mr. Trump has done a lot of reading on Rubicon, I can see it on his moves. And off cause, I do not vilify mr. Trump. Do not get me wrong, mr. Trump is a viking reborn, and that often not pleasing to the eye. But he is tough, very well read and extremely intelligent. We need to respect this man, and also his courage to listen to the needs of the people. It would be very dangerous to not listen, people are frustrated. In this situation we need to listen, not to shut people out.

G-d bless the will to listen to the will of the great American people.

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