American Revolution

I have just finished the book by Andrew Breibart called “Righteous indignation”. He is not much of a fan of mr. Alinsky, I will give him that.

I see his points, and, in many ways, I agree. I think he is one of the most visionary, antiegalitarian, pompous, honest, midleaning conservatives the US of A has ever produced. You must miss him.

He burned out his candle far too quickly.

What does he teach us? First of all, he teaches us, that the Frankfurterschool that you guys were as unlucky to get as you were, were basically hacks.

They had absolutely no loyalty to the US. After all, they were not that keen on the French Revolution (American Revolution) but much more keen on the Russian Revolution.

In fact, I think they gave a bad name to Jews in the US, not exactly the place we need to be unpopular.

Seen from a Danish perspective. It is quite clear to me, that they would never have made it so far in Europe, as they have done in the US.

Why? Because the intellectual level of Europe is higher than that in the US, and they would have been outmanoeuvred at an earlier time.

This I do not say to make americans feel sorry, but to point to the real problem that the Frankfurterschool poses for the US; it shows, that you seriously need to up your game when it comes to intellectualism.

You need to raise the bar.

Philosophy should be honest and show a better future. All European philosophy is like that, even Nazism, even though it was depraved, they still believed it to be a better system than Communism.

What you need to do, is let me make a philosophical underpinning under your own revolution.

It is quite common for philosophers to make constitutions, but you have a world-class constitution. The founding fathers made a good job of that. What you do need however, is a theoretical explanation of what the founding fathers thought about when they made things.

If you have this, you will be less prone to be bullied, and infiltrated.

The thing is, you have a much better Revolution than the Russian revolution. You have the American Revolution. You seem not the be in understanding what you really have. Usually revolutions will either work or disintegrate. The Russian revolution did not work, because the foundation was not all that well built. (Sorry Putin)

The American Revolution however still seems to pick up its revolutionaries from here and there. Right mr. Sanders?

And that is good, because only through the blood of the martyrs will a tree keep sprouting new leaves.

You have an amazing system, that you just need to open your eyes for. The humanistic, democratic society, that has never seen it’s like before. You need to keep it sound. That is what politics is about, and that is what mr. Breibart gave his life for.

He war a revolutionary, an American revolutionary.

He points us in the direction of what the US really is. This is not against mr. Alinsky. He was a democrat as well, but it is against critical theory.

The new generation should stop fighting their parents, and start fighting the tyrants around the globe. Especially the tyrants that want to subdue them. Like the islamists that brought down the twin towers, and is now moving into Europe.

There is an honest fight there, for all that it is worth for an American Revolutionary.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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