An unwelcome warm war

To understand the conflict with China, we need to see this in a historical light, to my mind.

Where is there a parallel in history, that we can learn from?

Well, there is a pretty obvious one in the so-called Punic wars.

In these wars, in the classical times, the Roman Empire grew, and the Carthagenian empire waned.

It came to a head in the wars between Hannibal Barca, the founder of a great bit of Spain, and Lucius Scipio on the Roman side.

The Romans won, and was put on a path of glory, that still holds sway over most of the world through, among other institutions the Roman Catholic Church. If not for Scipio, the Roman Catholic Church would not have existed.

So, we have, on one side, a naval empire, the Carthagenians, and at the other side a land based upcoming empire, that of Rome.

What are the lessons we can learn from this conflict?

First of all, there was a greater TENACITY in Rome. Rome did not really like Scipio, but they accepted him. Carthage HATED Hannibal, and saw him as a troublemaker and not representing Carthage.

Also, Carthage was an ancient power, harking back to the merchants of Tyre, that helped build the ancient pyramids. So they were, at the time of the conflict with the Romans a power dating around four thousands years back. The Romans had just started.

So in a sense, they were old and feeble.

This has a clear parallel to the current conflict with China. We have in West been through a lot of wars. First the First World War, then the Second World War, then the Cold War and then the war with a lot of the Muslim world.

So even though we have the best and most bright civilization, we are weak after a string of wars.

China at the other hand, has lived in relative peace under the wing of the Soviet Union, and have had time to develop and get strong.

So we have the tired old civilization (us) targeting the new upcoming threat of a vibrant, well functioning and strong civilization of the Chinese.

Let us be honest about it, they have their house in order.

Yes, there are problems with corruption, and the Chinese authorities are lying faster than dragons fly. But their citizens are reasonably content, their manufacure is cutting edge, and their computer capabilities rival and even surpass ours in some areas.

A worthy opponent if there ever was one.

We are also fighting a two front war. As we are fighting the Chinese, we are at the same time fighting a large part of the Muslim world.

In these days, the latest method of some Muslims of low cost warfare, is to bury knives in kindergartens here in Denmark. Just imagine the depravity of that. That is warfare completely without honor.

But that is the threat we are facing.

So what do we do.

At one hand, we need to strengthen our OWN ideology. We need to be MORE democratic, fight for our values such as freedom and unity within our nations.

So that we strengthen our VALUES.

At the other hand, whether we like it or not, the conflicts are coming to a point of breaking into a warm war.

If it is true, that China spread this virus on purpose, as it is hinted in Fox News, then that is a warm war aggressive act.

The islamists and all their aggression in Western Europe will increase as well, as we are heading for a fight with China. They will seek to dismantle us, as we have our attention elsewhere.

So we effectively have to fight a two front war.

But war it is.

That is another lesson we can learn from the Punic wars. Nobody actually wanted the wars, but they were a effect of the rubbing of territorial forces between Carthage and Rome.

It was inevitable.

I mean, do we see the US accepting Chinese domination over our land in the near future. Us paying tribute to them?

No way.

So the war is there, and it is real.

What we need to do, is to start fighting.

Do it in an honorable, effective way. But start doing it.

Repatriate the criminals from the Middle East in Europe (not all, but all those who are resting in our prisons, or seek to actively undermine our democratic society through Islamist organizations)

With China, it is the same. We need to stop fretting about it, and realize that we have a warm war at our hands.

We are warweary and old, but only if we start acting like we would like to survive, do we have the chance to do so.

In fact, the problem is. We have no choice whether we would like to fight or not, only HOW we would like to fight.

China likes to fight by killing civilians through epidemics. So they fight with no honor. Are we the same?

Questions like that are questions we need to ask ourselves.

And then start acting on reasonable, reliable intel and motives.

G-d bless the will to peace.

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