When we trive for peace, we strive for utopia, because peace will only happen if we are so perfect in our ideas and organization, that all the best tools are put to use.

Is it possible to make utopia here on earth? To do that, you have to use ME. What is ME, ME is an ancient Mesopotamian idea. Basically it means civilization. That is a collection of rules and ideas that spur society onto a better path. Take the idea of the law. This idea was presented by the Babylonian king Nebuzhanezzar, and has been used ever since. It is just a part of civilization, but the Babylonians would call it a part of ME.

Then there is our form of governance, in Europe we prefer calling it democracy, but in other places and in other phases of history it was called other things. The point is, basically what we have been doing after the Babylonians and the Egyptians seized to function as progressive powers, is mixing the items of civilization around a little. In communism a Spartan priority was sought. A communal militaristic society without ownership and a strong state. But the law was still there, families still there, money, writing, science and so on. On the democratic side we have and still have ownership, a smaller state, freedom of speech, a strong focus on a positve use of science and so on. But basically all the different building blocks are the same.

Civilization remains more or less the same.

How do we then enact utopia? We do it by crafting a society where all the elements of ME are in a true balance. This is what I have been working on for some time. Making a good balance between state, religion, politics, media, law and science.

We are unbalanced. In some countries we have too much state, others a too corrupt state, some countries have too little law. But at the end of the day, it is basically all a matter of balance.

G-d bless the wisdom of the Babylonian.

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