In a situation, where you are divided you will loose, but in a situation, where you are united, nothing can beat you. That is the maxim of the philosopher Democritus, ‘chosen by the people’ as his name reads.

Finding unity however is not easy, it requires a deep understanding of what is up and down in the world.

Understanding what you are yourselves.

To be able to Change, you need to understand where you come from; Democracy, enlightenment, the quest for a good life here on earth.

Because be as it may, you may want new ideas, but if you lose yourself in the process, then you lose something truly valueable of yourself.

Trying to make Change based on what you come from is therefor what this is all about.

I believe, that in strengthening the core, you will have the ability to Change the things that need changing.

It is a balance between holding on to what you are, and finding new ways to make a better world.

G-d bless the will to do good and make a better world as we progress in time. Because finding and fighting for that dream is what it is all about, for everyone.

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