The conflict between east and west is increasing. One of the hits of lately in Western culture has been Jordan Peterson and his critique of Marxist thinking. It has been a huge success in terms of attention, but I have a feeling, that it truly needs a deepening to really hold a lasting impression.

Don’t get me wrong, the extremety of the current academic institutions in favor for Cultural Marxism is stupid to my mind. Not only because cultural Marxism is stupid, but also because it actually hinders a deeper discussion on the pro and cons of Marxism.

I am a midleaning conservative. I believe, that Marx got a few things right, among them progressive tax, and a state that secures the wellbeing of the weakest parts of society. I work as a caretaker of a sick child payed by the state. That is a good thing.

But there are numerous things that I dislike about Marxism, the collective taking over the role of the family is wrong to me. The family should be the cornerstone of society. Religions and spirituality should also have a sincere and great role in society. Add to that, the Stalinism of dictatorship is wrong. A serious and good state should be an open democracy.

This model has worked quite well in Eastern Europe, where it is now the dominant idea. People are happy, things work, and society progresses.

This holds as well for Western Europe to some degree, where family values, the importance of education, the significance of the village as a community is in rapid increase of peoples acceptance and respect.

But that does not mean, that I hate Marx, I just disagree with him on a lot of points. The same goes with Marx, he did not accept the ideas of Hegel, but I mean, he was essentially a Hegelian in his worldview.

In that sense, I believe, that a sound continuity in thought is important. Just throwing out the baby with the bath water is not good. But a sound Change in the development of society is important.

Change being the drive for harmony in society.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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