Change tactics

Ok, this is my take on the conflict within the war cabinet.

First of all, I do not really think, that mr. Netanyahu is plotting to postpone the inevitable discussion on his role in the 7´th October. Why? Because winning, getting the hostages back and the other goals is the only way, that he will have any chance of continuing his current government.

So there is no incentive for mr. Netanyahu not to win.

What we are dealing with is a set of characteristics that really drive the whole situation in a negative direction.

It is like this; Netanyahu is very dependent on the smaller right wing parties. This is not a problem for me, I have been a strategist for Dansk Folkeparti for many years. And it has really worked very well.

The problem is, that mr. Smotrich has too much influence on issues where he is really not the best. I have a massive sympathy for mr. Smotrich and I truly believe, that if there is one party would reflect Dansk Folkeparti, it would be his.

So I have no animosity against mr. Smotrich on the contrary I support him, a lot.

So if mr. Smotrich could maybe listen to me too? And then we could work together?

The problem with the Gaza way is not the valiant fighting and so on. It is the STRATEGIC lay out of the war. This is why mr. Gantz and mr. Galant are so angry with the current decisions. They have a lot of understanding of warfare, and can see, that he probability of the current war to work is very small. This is due to a plethora of considerations that I have tried to cover in some of the postings below.

So they get really frustrated with the strategic decisions, that mr. Netanyahu is forces to make due to the pressure of mr. Smotrich.

Now mr. Smotrich is adamant in his view, because HE believes, that the reason why everybody around is pressuring us against af Rafah operation is because they want an Oslo accord decision. Which is essentially a defeat.

So one side is frustrated due to bad planning the other one sees this frustration as an attempt at hindering the ability of Israel and IDF to fight.

This is the true depth of the conflict.

What is the solution to this problem? CHANGE TACTICS.

This will give both sides the satisfaction of having their demands met. On one side it will meet the frustration of the generals, and at the other hand it will serve the goals of the war.

So that is why I have lobbied for a change in tactics. It is a way to get out of the current quagmire.

G-d bless the will to get out of the current problems.

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