We need to have a closer look at China, and the problems China poses to the West.

The most obvious parallel is the fight between Rome and Phoenicia. You know the fight where Hannibal Barca braved the alps with his war elephants and made a lot of trouble for the Romans.

This is a classic great power battle that does not stem from ideological differences, but because one power rises, and threatens the other power.

Before the rise of Rome, Phoenicia was one of the leading lights of the Mediterranean world, and still holds great honor as, among other things, the inventor of Stoicism.

Phoenicia was a very advanced civilization, that rose through trade, and expanded through a businesslike process of hiring mercenaries at each expansion of its realm.

Rome at the other hand, was a new beast at the arena, young forceful, ressourcefull, sure of itself.

You could draw a parallel and see the West as the Phoenicians and China as Rome.

We are the established, war weary nation, China is the new rising, selfconfident star.

But you could also turn it around. Because we in the West are the children of Rome, and China is not.

The Thycudides trap it is called, when two powers find themselves trapped in a mutual race for power, prestige and ressources.

The problem about the Punic war was, that it was a relentless war. The winner took it all. The escalating conflict made the animosity between Rome and Phoenicia so dire, that Rome eradicated Phoenician totally after they had won. They smashed everything, everything. Buildings, literature, boats.

They made sure, that Phoenicia would never rise again. Totally sure.

This gives a hint of the hatred that Rome felt for its adversary.

So, in comparison with the current war, we should be aware, that if it folds out as in the punic war, the atrocities and mayhem it will bring, will either eradicate us or them.

See what we are up against? THAT is why we need to do our best to prepare, and perhaps defuse the large and true evil conflict.

You may be afraid of the eradication of Chinas production capability. But the alternative is a war where either the West or China wins. If we end up in Punic war theatre, the victor will eradicate the looser totally.

I will cover the China again soon, with more analysis.

G-d bless the will to learn from history, otherwise we will repeat it.

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