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The beauty of christian thought is beyond belief. The spiritual ideas crafted in the egyptian chambers, has been kept and served for two millenia. When Jesus Christ emerged in the fertile land of the crescent, he drew on sources we can, today, only fathom. Now some christians are not happy with the jews, basically they despise the jews for their perceived immorality. Well, not all jews are perfect, as not all christians are perfect. Yes, the standard on which the jews are judged upon are higher, and rightfully so because the jewish people made a covenant with Abraham. But most jews are just normal people trying to live up to the ideals they have been given by their forefathers, as we all do.

We should stop the bickering between the jews and the christians, and start to work together, because we have a common enemy; the Islamists. In this question we have to be careful, the christians are very reluctant to deem all muslims as enemies, and that is off cause true and right. Why? Because even though the muslim faith is based on a vile and sick document; the Koran, it does not have as a consequence that all muslims are evil. Most are just normal people fighting for their chance in the world.

But there is another problem with Islam, and that is the fact that it combines a lawstate with a faith. We cannot have a state where the spiritual matters control the laws. There is no such thing as a law made by G-d. We can have recommendations and ideas, but as in the world of man, the ideas of G-d changes. So we have to discuss and respect the process of democracy to make room for dialogue to take place. Because in this dialogue we can open ourselves up for the message of G-d.

Now, the christian church has been under a heavy spell since the french revolution. The french revolution initiated a serious setback for the old system of faith. It has not yet recovered. Yes, there are pockets of fierce resistance in Europe, especially in Poland, but in the other countries it is weak. It has to regain a momentum, both the catholic as well as the protestant church, because if not, it will lose to the hordes of Islamists, who are trying to abuse the weakness of Europe. It is time to pick up the spiritual sword and fight for another reemergence of spirit. Let us be honest, we will not be able to regain the lost land in spirit, if we are not able to speak with a voice of strength.

This is my central message to the christian churches; G-d exists. I have a proof that has, until now, not been reproved, and there are other proofs. We fight to instill an understanding of what G-d is, and what we as human beings are; small splinters of the life of G-d.

Now, back to the discussion on Israel. Do not see Israel as a country, see it as a dream. It is the dream of the jews to realize all what has been promised by the ancient prophets; rejuvenation of spirit, honesty, love, kindness and ethics.

We have a common enemy, an enemy that wants to just kill, hate and fight just to create chaos. We have to take up that mantle thrown to us, and start by fighting back. Not to fight, but to protect those who are endangered. Now, christians are endangered all over the world, start protecting them. Then there are jews who are frightened and under a grave danger, start protecting them.

Then a spiritual reemergence is basically not about the physical fight on the green lush earth, no, it is about a fight in the academic and the public world. We should strive to tell all, that g-d exists, and if we do not realize the potential of Christ, Abraham and Esther, we are forfeit.

The fight against the Islamists however should be seen in a political light. I do not believe that all muslims are evil, but I believe when people take away human beings ability to think freely, then they are taking away their ability to search for true enlightenment. Enlightenment lies in truth, and truth can only be found, by the public in democracy.

Let us stop the internal bickering, find a serious solution to the perceived hostilities of the jews against christians and be serious about what it the real matter; the fight against the Islamists.

G-d bless the church, the holy fathers and give a chance for peace and love to happen

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