Princess the most important thing for royalty, is class.

What is class? When the Italian nobility went bankrupt a hundred years ago, one of the main nobles of that time, the “Leopard” wrote a book about what was deteoriating and what he held on to.

He said, that in the middle of the mud field, when everything else was lost, one thing remained; courtesy.

The true mark of nobility is the ability to be courteous in the worst of conditions. This acts like a shield.

When Alexander the Great beat Xerxes the Persian king. He got hold of all the princesses of the Persians. Instead of mistreating them, as he could, no one would know, he treated them as princesses and gave them all the protection they needed. That is class.

But maybe the most illustrious example of class of a nobility is Saladin. He fought the crusaders in the Middle East, but he REALLY treated all his enemies with class. He never abused them, but gave them all the treatment of a respected opponent.

The same is what I try to do with the Gazan Arabs. I respect them, as Saladin did. We fight, but I still treat them with utmost respect and listen to their arguments.

When you show class, you get to peace, because if you are really good at it, people prefer fighting under your banner and not those who has no class.

G-d bless the courtesy and goodness of royalty.

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