Come on England!

Well, this is it Boris, a whole life of striving, doing the right thing, trying to find that middle path between what is true and what is noble. 

This is it, a potential coronation as the saviour of the Realm. 

It will be an arduous task, something that only one in each generation can actually do against odds seemingly insourmountable. 

But as Mr. Winston Churchill singlehandedly won the Second World War, based on a thing so mundane as decency, now your time has come to put your mark on history. 

The time for the Great Britain’s to arise once again, for its shimmering peaks of skill and knowledge to manifest once again. 

You are that man Boris, to take the reins of the empire, the one that is truly called for, please admit your own vanity to a place where it is not a factor. Please, sacrifice yourself for the good of the commonwealth, please be that English chap, that will swing in on his moped, and save the day with a gracious swing of his Excalibur. Be that honest, good and fine gentleman. Be that man of scholarship and excellence. Be that man of integrity, as the country needs to raise the banner once again, and call all its best heroes, its wisest philosophers and most beautiful of the roses to remake England. 

Blessed be it, by the warmth of spirit and grace of that whom truly protects us from where we can only fathom its existence. G-d bless your tiny and windswept island, COME ON! And be that sturdy, stubborn, wonderful men and women we all love as our kin and friends.

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