To understand the basic political implications for the different republics in this overall discussions of politics, one needs to UNDERSTAND the ideas behind the republics.

As I have discussed in the previous post, there is a balance between Sparta and Athens built into the system.

But there is a problem within the system itself, that seems to baffle the mind, if you think about it.

Socialism, is really, in a Marxist view, a replica of the city Sparta. So true gong ho, communists are trying to remake the ancient city of Sparta to a new version here in this modern times.

When you read about Sparta, this is both understandable and reprehensive.

Seen with a modern view, things as forced slavery, secret services to repress the Helots (slaves) as a sport, is not exactly a good thing.

At the other hand, communal services, equality, and solidarity are good virtues of the Spartans.

Ad too this their beautiful piety, and brotherhood, you have a system of virtue, but also with some cruelty that is too much.

Essentially point being, that when we talk about unity and brotherhood of man, we have to realize that in order to make these things, in the current state, we need to be realistic at what that takes.

It takes a certain conservatism in the eyes of the republic.

We cannot on one hand have open borders and not care about who enters the country, and at the other hand have brotherhood.

The brotherhood we are talking about, is a NATIONAL brotherhood, based on the PEOPLES of the different republics.

This does not mean, that we cannot be open to people of need, but it means, that we should be very much realistic on what we can help with, who we help and so on.

Terrorist, criminals and so on are not allowed in, but true refugees, that flee some kind of tyrannical repression should be welcome.

But, as of now, we should close our borders, and think about what and how we make a brotherhood of man.

It is, at the heart of it, a mix of liberal, humanistic and conservative ideas, suited for the current situation.

G-d bless the will to see these issues clear and honest, and let us not forget those of need, because they are many these days.

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