Congratulations mr. Boris Johnson

Congratulations mr. Boris Johnson, after at long process going here and there, finally there is release, and we got somewhere. 

As a supporter of you specifically and the UK in general, this is my work coming into fruition, so I must say, that I am most satisfied with this development. This is really good. I know that I only work as a kind of vehicle for some of the powers and unseen Oxfordian strengths, I know that. But being a medium for such esteemed forces leaves me quite humble. 

Let us be honest about this, the great mother of all of England; Oxford has called into the wild of the Danish swamp and morass, and the vile but strong defender of the isles of England has come forth to join in the fray. 

Alas, my great and humble honour, is to give you my dedicated blade of ancient strength and valour, to your help and ultimately freedom. 

Let the old words speak said mr. Churchill. Let the vile but strong g-ds of old, whom England now gets its strength from speak again, to confront the viciousness of a trembling empire, an empire that now seeks to regain its footing. 

Let the powerful and strong spirit of the old, be the well of strength that will, once again, be the backbone of that wonderful country. Let it raise its banner again, to show its true colors. 

I will be here to shed some light on the process that will set England free, so in this I will serve, unsung and for free. 

But that will be my pleasure, to see how that great culture that I personally love so much. That country of mystery and towering art. That home of litterature, that wonderful, wonderful country now suffering, will once again rise, as the bird phoenix, again remaking its feathers, rebuilding its abode. 

Because it is now time, to make the UK great again. 

G-d bless you, and may that tear finding its way down my chin, be the last. 

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