In the conflict with the Islamist controlled Iran, we are en deep waters. They have finally used one of the big guns; coordinated attack on embassies over the entire Middle East. They did it with the Mohammed Cartoons, and they are trying to do the same with a new film.

Here are some of the pieces of experience we made in Denmark in the same situation:

1. It is all theater. It is not about winning any territory, or really because they are angry because of so-called “insult to their prophet”. It is a political happening. In Denmark they even imbued the happening with extra pictures that were really insulting to Muslims. If they were genuinely offended, why would they then make up extra pictures of the prophet really offending.

2. Negotiation does not work. The happening is a happening. It was like when the flower powers planted flowers in the guns of the soldiers. They did it to make a political statement, it was not about obtaining anything. They just wanted the attention.

3. The campaigners are not really that many. Since it is a political happening, it is mostly organized by political insiders. So it will be the faithful, not the people as such.

4. Being scared does not make any difference. They are in it for the scaremongering, so just stand firm, take it with calm, and deal out the necessary, just, actions.

Now these political (violent) protest are not there for just the entertainment of muslims, christians and jews alike. They are there to serve a political aim. This aim is a bit difficult to understand. But understanding the mind of the leading Iranian Islamists, it does not have to serve a direct aim, it is just a happening of chaos. Remember, the leading supporters of Ahmadinejad are chaos worshippers, they are the SS of the iranian system. They are basically as wacko as the SS was with strange ideas with occult meaning.

Finding a solution to the crisis is however a little difficult. But first of all, one has to understand the current stratifications of power in te world to realize the potential risks and benefits of different strategies.

Now, basically the main bad guy is Iran. They are under an immense pressure, but doing what is most obvious is actually not the best. Let me explain. Iran thrives in a world where the West and the East are enemies. Iran is a necessary ally of Russia, because Iran is situated so close to Russia. It is comparable to Cuba. When Cuba went communist, it really scared the US. Rightfully so.

In a situation where The US will put a lot of pressure on Russia, they will be forced to defend Iran.

Therefor, if Barack Obama wins the next election, there are four years to consolidate the good relationship between the East and the West. As a consequence Iran can be treated with less concern to animosity between the West and the East. In fact I believe it would be the end of the Cold war, and real peace to the descendants of Scandinavia.

If however Romney wins, it will be the opposite and the cold war might actually turn into a warm war.

This is why Mr. Barack Obama needs to win, also seen from an Israeli perspective. If he does, Russia and the US could peacefully pull the teeth out of Ahmadinejad and his cronies, and turn Iran into a peaceful democracy.

Israels role in this would be as an instrument of change, I cannot see how it come to be, but Israel will have some kind of role.

The idea behind the Libyan war could prove an example of the Iranian war; that is system change to empower the Iranian people. The Iranians are not as the Syrians split up in smaller small ethnic groups, and they are sick and tired of the current system.

We cannot see much further, but one thing is certain right now; we should not take the assault on the American Embassies too light, but neither too serious. Take it as it is; an opportunity to scream, shout and destroy, in the name of a deceased prophet they do not accept as anything else than a tool in their quest for power.

It is a trick, do not fall for it.

G-d bless peace.

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