Working on a blog as is a blast, I admit it. I love doing it, I do it to Change the world into something better. I hope that when you come here as a reader, you get ideas to improve your world.

But, at the same time. Doing it for free is a hassle. It is difficult because there is a wife to make happy, kids to feed, money to pay to make a roof over ours heads. Things like that.

So, if you wish to contribute to keeping afloat, please do so. It is really appreciated.

When you make a donation, tell me why you did so. I will not change the course of the blog because of the donation. But it is really good to hear from the readers. What are their concerns, their worries, what they need to make their lives better.

It is off cause under full confidentiality.

I am here as rabbi a priest or an imam. To listen, support and help where help is needed.

G-d bless you, and may your projects bear fruit.

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