Election 2020

Things are slowly heating up in the US concerning the election in 2020. Let me be clear, I will not be the one who decides anything. But I do have my champions. It is no secret, that I really like mr. Biden. Perhaps because we know each other from the Obama era. I like Joe. He is an average American, but also one who can reach left as well as right.

We need someone who can mend the fences, and make the system run again.

However, there is one thing I really believe Trump did better than what we did in the Obama era; he did get migration under control.

To have any chance of winning the next election. We need to accept his ideas about migration, and fulfill the pledges he has given in terms of protection of the country.

Uncontrolled migration and open borders simply creates too much havoc in the country, creating problems for the citizens.

It is not that people can’t come to the US, but is has to be done in the normal manner, with green cards and so on.

Not illegaly.

We also have to face, that there are some countries that are better at giving people to the US than others.

We should prefer countries of origin, that actually wants to be a part of the American dream.

That said, we need to heal, to unify, to build bridges, not antagonize our political adversaries.

Here in Denmark, we have just had an agonizing process of some of my friends actually, who had some disgusting claims.

I do not believe in senseless conflict, I believe in humanity and unity.

This is hopefully what will come.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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