The resent challenges England is meeting is horrendous; terrible assaults in english underaged girls, horrendous mismanagement by the official responsible institutions, and a very hard and natural anger by the citizens who are hurt by the atrocities.

Beneath the problems itself lies a web of mismanagement, lack of initiative and a thorough demoralization of the state.

It all comes down to the lack of will. The official are not prone to do anything. Why? because they are afraid of the consequence it will bear on their career, and are afraid of the public humiliation they might face if they act decisively in the terrible cases.

It all goes back to cases in the sixties and seventies where outspoken public persons, got in a lot of trouble if they criticized any kind of immigration. When the hippies and the progressive left dominated the public sphere, and did not allow a critical stance against the so-called “progression”.

Well, being somewhat a hippie myself, I do not necesarially disagree with all the project of the Beatles generation, some of them were good; the creative movement, the democratic movement, the environmental care. But that does not make me blind for the faults of the pot smoking and freewheeling freaks of the sixties.

The greatest fault is the simple fact, that they do not respect the nation.

Now in a world where everybody just went along and smoked another joint, it would be ok. We could just take it easy, and have another cigar. However there is the simple fact, that there are people who have another book than the book written by Led zeppelin and Bob Dylan. They have a book called the Koran. And according to that book, you are allowed to do the most horrendous things in the name of G-d.

In a democracy you have tools to prevent the barbarity of the kinds written in the Koran, it is called the rule of law.

According to the rule of law, you are not allowed to enslave girls, you are not allowed to steal, and you are not allowed to pimp the weak girls.

This runs contrary to the Koran. And as a consequence there is a conflict.

Now, if the Koran was only a religion and not also a political system, it would have been a smaller problem. But it is not, it is a political system, and the rule of law in the islamic system is called sharia. It is a two tier system we are witnessing today, and that is not viable in a democracy. There can be only one system of law, and that is the democratic system.

Now, what do we do when a competing law system wants to rule where the democratic rule used to be?

According to Aristotle a polis, or a nation, would control the access to territory and legal rights by giving or taking away their citizenship.

According to his theory, you can only be a citizen if you are able to join the legal process system as a participant, and able to join the democratic process as a member of the ruling body (that is all citizens).

Now, if you are not able to adhere or do these things, you lose your citizenship, and are cast out of the polis.

Now, if you on one hand are a criminal, and is new member of the polis, you lose your citizenship, because you have not adhered to the principles of the polis. If you are a member of a competing polis, you are not allowed to get a citizenship, even though you might live in same territory as what the polis occupy.

This the control mechanism.

As a consequence, noncitizens or new citizens who are not abiding by the rules of law can loose their citizenship, and are cast out of the system.

At the same time, it is very important that there is a control system of the borders. A repatriation verdict will only work, if the perpetrator cannot enter the country again.

It is also important, that it is the legal system that will control the problems, otherwise people will lose faith in it.

You could start with the rape convicted felons, and start as soon as possible. Make an example.

This is the mechanisms we use here in Denmark, and it works.

All the perpetrators of Luton and other places, should be cast out of the polis as a consequence, and leave the territory of England. Sharia dominated areas should be tackled and English rule should rule over all of England.

G-d bless England.

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