Ethics of the European Union

One of the problems of the current EU administration, is the fact, that it does not really know why it is there.

I mean, what is the purpose of the EU?

As the structure decomposes, the motivation for the project becomes less and less apparent.

What we need, among other things, is to discuss why?

Why do we have an EU project.

This is essentially an ethical discussion.

At the core of it, is a question of humanity. Why do we do things for humanity.

According to Aristotle, you can see ethics as a kind of a tree. Each virtue is based on another virtue. It is like logic, each argument is based on another argument.

So if you put virtues into a chain of arguments, there must be an original argument.

The argument that started it all.

According to Aristotle, the virtue that all other virtues rest upon is happiness or joy.

The reason why we have all the other arguments, is because we want to make a happier place for people.

That is the core of the European Union, the litmus test. How does what we do make people more happy.

It is like the continuing discussion on minorities that seems to be the sole focus of the science of humanities that the EU support. How does that make the citizens of Europe happy?

If it doesn’t make them happy, then why do we do it?


The test of all projects of the European Union, should be to test, if they make the European Union a better place with more happiness for the people.

G-d bless the will to think new thoughts for the next millennia.

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