European security

The world is really changing in the face of the American change of leadership.

In fact, things are going to change a lot due to the fact, that both Central European countries as well as the UK is trying to change its focus.

Where the US simply set the agenda in the Obama era, Biden will have a hard time dealing out the cards this time. The European allies are pretty reluctant and the UK seems to be lickings its wounds after Brexit, so I do not see any ambition to try and change the world in a US direction from the UK perspective.

In fact the most promising military alliance right now is the Central European one, and that is in fact good.

You can be for or against the EU, me I have always been a bit reluctant about it, due to the lack of Democratic legitimacy. But a strengthened military alliance actually do make sense. I mean all the challenges we face are more or less the same, and so it makes sense to pool our resources.

Add to this, it seems to me, that the leaders of the alliance, namely mr. Gomes Cravinho is both open for my advise, and seem to be pretty courageous. That is a start, though the development of the alliance is very difficult and will imply some massive changes of policy to succeed.

But with diligence and diplomacy it may just be possible.

At the other hand, the US administration is starting more or less from scratch, due to all the bridges that mr. Trump managed to burn. But, also the US is a formidable force, and a major player in the pacific region, where the UK administration have to move soon to be a serious player there.

Looking at the Mediterranean that is the true proving ground of a possible European alliance, one major shift in politics needs to be adresssed. That of forced migration to the European countries. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea about racism or any of that sort. I am a pretty brown Jew with a Muslim father, so I can definitely empathize with the migrants here. The thing is though, that the forced migrant policy of the EU, that is importing people from Muslim country into Europe, is a failed policy. Please read that again and let it sink in, it is a failed policy.

There may be many good reasons to start it in the first place, but as of now, it has created massive turmoil in Western Europe, and we need to be honest about that.

It has also created a very difficult security situation, most of Western Europe is infiltrated on all levels. Especially France is totally infiltrated, even the security apparatus.

Gettting rid of all the spies and infiltrators will be a massive task in itself.

But that is important to be able to deliver the necessary security to the populace, they are getting pretty annoyed with terror attacks, and well, that is fair enough. It was not the project of the people to do the mass migration, it was the elites that thought it a good idea.

It has come so far, that the very integrity of the states and not at least the federation is at stake.

Changing that position will be pretty difficult, but again possible if the system wants to survive.

So you see, making an alliance and making weapons is not the real deal of an alliance, the real deal is to change the policies to meet the security challenges ahead. These policies may also be a boon for many political parties around Europe. Here in Denmark the Social Democratic government is sitting pretty well with a large lead in the polls due to a more realistic change in the face of Islamic extremism.

Terrorism is the main advesary to tackle for the new alliance, and that will be extremely difficult, but possible.

What we need is a renewed focus on it, and a best practice mindset. See what will work, and make it work.

Add to this difficult process, we have the peace process in the Middle East, that is very important to balance with a focus on Islamic extremism or islamism.

We have some pretty good allies in the Middle East, and peace is forthcoming, even Iran is within reach of a peace accord still.

Why? Because they are not really interested in a fight with the entirety of Europe, and we are not interested in a fight with them.

So a part for Turkey, we need to bolster the diplomatic discussions with the African countries and especially in the Middle East. They must see, that we are not trying to be mean to Muslims in general, but stop the atrocities done by some islamists.

That is a very difficult balance to do, and will require a lot of skill.

So these are the essential challenges ahead, add to this an attempt at stopping the mass migration, then we have our hands full.

But a dedicated, incorruptible advancement in the interest of the European countries, and true moral force, can do it.

It is about finding the right way, and stop being for sale, then we can Change the narrative.

G-d bless the will to Change the world.

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