European Union and the work coming along

Ok, just for information regarding the new massive influx of conservatives into the parliament of Bruxelles.

My book actually is coming along quite beautifully. My fling with the princess just hit the chapters where I described royalty and those chapters are just breathtakingly beautiful. Actually I can’t wait to show it to the princess, that is just romance elevated in a potentially world changing book.

So, I have, more or less, finished the royal chapters and I am working on the democratic part.

I am working on the book quite extensively, so I really hope to be able to release after the election.

I have some help and hopefully we can promote a positive, constructive application of conservatism in this day and age.

So if you are thinking about post discussion of the how and what of EU, maybe already now include me in the discussion. I have an agent, so there will be that layer of infrastructure around the book. She will be the one to book discussions and so on.

G-d bless the will to find solutions in a difficult situation and may royalty be an integral part of those discussions.

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