I think the preparations for the war with China is running quite well.

First of all, Mr. Trump has got a new way of handling the press. It really works. Instead of going through different mouthpieces, we can control the escalation and de-escalation ourselves. It served us pretty well in the North Korea challenge, and it actually made it possible to give the Russians a feeling of pride in the face of the humiliating actions by congress towards Russia.

There is one thing however I think is pretty important to get working within the presidential house; the presidential family.

You know, as one of my great heroes of political thought once wrote; the worst thing about politics is that the families always seem to fall apart. There are however, once in a while those few couples who seem to do the opposite, and actually support each other so much, that the shared political output is better than one of them alone.

I think that Mr. Obama and his beautiful wife, was one of those couples. They are really good together.

My point is, you need to make your family work while you are president. Not only your wife and her positive position, but also the rest of your family. They need protection, they need to feel that they are contributing in a positive way. The more the presidential family is in harmony, the more you can use of positive energy on your own goals.

Barack did an admirable thing I think, he had dinner with his family each and every day. Even in stressful times, he still came home and saw his children, listened to their worries, and tried to be a good parent. Everybody admired him for that, because it did show his true character as caring parent.

That is what is important, family, country and one G-d.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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