american-revolutionIt is getting tighter, the television appearances are over, and it is down to the groundwork to work their magic.

This is why, we have to; organise, organise, organise. Work, from day to night, from night to day, work, work, work.

There should be no respite, no taking it easy, we need to do the job!

One thing I believe is pretty positive about this election is the fact that we have seemed to come together. The different arms of the party, and I believe, we should try and keep it that way. Let us build on what we have, and make it even stronger.

Mr. Sanders and the young, ms. Obama and the women, mr. Kerry and the hippies, mr. Biden and the workers, ms. Clinton and the just … well, normal people, right?

Let us come together in a vision of a more equal and free America, and vision where the lame will walk, the poor will not be abandoned and the rich will be satisfied but not handed all the power.

We can do that, and we will, so FORWARD! Let us do that revolution, lead all of us!

G-d bless the United States of America.

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