In France the contented ms. Le Pen is in trouble, why? Because the election platform is too narrow. 

To fight islamism is good, to support your country is good. But a ticket to the Elysee has to be a bit broader. 

I belive, that the antisemitic message is out, and now, hopefully, we can see a support of Israel, so I help.

Basically what you need Marine, is an economical plan to go along with the islamcritic message. 

Here I propose the plan that I have developed with mr. Obama, and mr. Trump has used, at least in the beginning of his presidency. 

The direct support to patriotic producers. At the same time free markets should be supported, not with unhealthy ideas, but as a principle. 

Money comes with rich people supporting you. Rich people support those they like. Some even do not support anybody but themselves. But usually they pay back for what they have gotten. 

This is a problem in France. The industry does not fight for a patriotic cause, but are just a globalised as everybody else. 

This should be turned around. Not by negative means, but by help and inspiration. Napoleon installed some good ideas in his first 100 days. One of them the civil code, that is a deep thank you from the republique to those who served. 

The same can be done with the producers that is supporting their country.

By this, you also, directly support some of the workers who have been left by globalisation, having no jobs. 

So it is an economic plan that will support your core voters directly.

G-d bless the beautiful France and may he live for another thousand years. 

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