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Freedom of Expression1I am so inspired by my trip to Oxford, so new ideas just keep popping up in my head. At the return back, I picked up this wonderful book by mr. Boris Johnson, a great read about Winston Churchill and all what he did to the world. It really is a telling tale, and sheds light on all the occurrences of the last century, since Churchill was one of the main actors. And being a blast of a book, it makes it even more enriching, lucky me, thank you Boris.

England is in deep trouble right now; the material basis is getting a little better, but is still far from perfect, the intellectual world is still in tatters after the second world war and the loss of the empire. The Anglican Church is in a deep need of refueling with new ideas. So, that is why, I suppose England invited me to Oxford.

Well, I have been thinking a lot about it, and there is a slight danger, that I really miss the point, because England is such an ancient place, and is in itself apocryphical. You have to be there to really understand what it is all about. You can read a lot, but you have to talk to people really understand what is going on. So, as my landlord said, when I went away, and he recommended the Turf for my last visit; you will be back. I really hope I will. It is not about the money or the honor, basically I can do without it, it is about the intellectual vibe and mystery. It is so inspiring to walk the same path as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, T.E. Lawrence, it blows my absolutely much too fertile imagination and creative fireworks of a puny brain. So I will be back.

Anyway, there is a reason why I came home and met the accusation of complicity to murder here in Denmark, and I do see it reflected in Churchill and his ideas. The moral compass, and the encyclopedic knowledge he had, made him draw conclusions that, in the time seemed strange, but in time proved to be true. As he knew the Narzies for what they were, or Stalin and his savage Communism. In his days he was either someone you hated or loved, but there is no discussion that he was ahead of his time, a prophet, an oracle. It comes down to inspiration and knowledge, a hyper wired brain, and basically a humanistic core.

So I know that many around the world think that I a racist, a troublemaker an anti muslim. But, I mean, I foresaw the coming of the IS, and everybody agrees today that they are menace to the world. Is that racism? Then I have foreseen the fall of the EU, it will fall in a few years, and is it then bad, to have fought for a democratic, peaceful transition? I have fought multiculturalism, because it is not a deep and profound idea, and it make much more trouble than it makes good.

In this way, I can really feel as a companion of Churchill. The difference is just between his life and mine, that England has never been as repressive as Denmark. He actually had the opportunity to criticize and discuss his ideas. People found him aggravating and irritating, but they always gave him the room when he was needed.

So you may not like all of my ideas, but how about looking at the things that I have accomplished; the peace with the Arabs, the rise of the Catholic church, the comeback of the US in terms of economy, add to this Great Britain to some extent. Is this racist or evil?

The world is extremely complicated, and sometimes you have to change your ways. As Churchill did when he saw the terrible circumstances the workers lived under in the beginning of the industrialization. You do it, because you need to solve a problem. Tunnel sight, and just more of the same, as the EU does, is not a way to win, it is the true sight of a losing part.

So I do not claim fame or money, I claim a place of humanistic value, and peace, and I will, till I am no more, fight for those values, despite the harassment and ridicule.

G-d bless the freedom of thought.

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