Ok let’s have a relatively objective look at the current situation in Gaza.

On one hand, we have a war on our hands. It is a little difficult to get a hold on the operations. It seems to be going after a plan, so that is good.

Are we going to get the hostages back? That is really the basic question. Getting the hostages back is really what this is all about, seen from the Israeli point of view.

Getting the hostages back will be like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. They can be anywhere, and there are actually still many of them, so they are probably scattered all over Gaza.

Probably the leadership of Hamas is holing up somewhere with their bargaining chip; the hostages.

How long can this go on? For as long as the international public are ok with it, this has a lot to do with PR.

We will see.

Now if G-d willing, we get all the hostages back, and all this works. That is fine, we will have met all the objectives.

If not, then we have to either carry on the war indefinitely, which is not going to work in any way, if you think about the costs.

Or we are going to make a deal. There is still my proposal, that would, most probably solve the crisis without any more suffering, but that would require Smotrich to realize that he has to listen to me, and there is not a lot of indications that he wishes to do that.

So, it’s all on the line, and we just have to pray to G-d and his angels, that this will work.

G-d bless the IDF and may we win.

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