German thought

The basic problem of Westerne thought is the downfall of German metaphysics. In the aftermath of the second world war, the intellectuals of Germany were more concerned with peace work, than with building edifices of metaphysical thought. Still there are interesting things happening in Germany, but the tradition of Prussia is almost lost.

Almost, because there is a small vestige of that Kantian wisdom that was spread from Prussia in Denmark. We are kind of all that is left of the halls of metaphysics of Königsberg.

When something is lost, it is possible to rebuild, if you work hard and focused enough. It is possible to keep that amazing school of German thought alive, if we support it.

If we do not, it will die. If we do, there is a possibility to live a life of Göethe, Hegel and Kant again.

I am working quite hard on my metaphysical ideas these days. Finally I have a little energy for that. The persecution has vaned some, and my situation has stabilised to some degree.

This I hope will make it possible for all that understands the need of German/Danish thought to be renewed, to take up that baton, and let it on.

Metaphysics is only dead, if we accept it. If we do not accept it, it will live on.

G-d bless the will to renew German thought.

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