I remember for a long time ago, I met this German guy. We walked along each other for a little while, and he just seemed demoralised in a way. I understand this, after the second world war, Germany lost, and with it lost a great deal of its identity and self appreciation.

It has been a paradigm in Germany, that Germans do not question any refugees coming into Germany, because it lost in the war. In a way it was a way to repent, and pay back.

Listen, I am a Jew, my own great grandmother had to flee nazioccupation in Denmark, and almost died. We have a long tradition in my family for supporting Jews in the run and Israel. But this is not a argument for all the suffering that Germany now runs through. It has to stop sometime.

The Shoa will always be a part of Jewish history, and will never be forgotten, it will stand along the persecution in Persia and Egypt many thousand years ago. But this does not mean, that things cannot change, we can be friends again.

But right now I believe that Germany should start thinking about surviving. The problems at hand are getting out of control, and you have to do something about it.

The rise in crime that has followed the massive migrant influx worries Germans, and that is understandable. The religiously motivated conflicts also worries the citizens.

Germans are extremely wellorganized and courageous, we know that. So you need to use those skills to stop the crime, and end the suffering of Germans who are living close to all the problems that are everywhere.

Do not use excessive methods, but use the tools you have within the state to protect Germans against abuse. Otherwise things might just get our of hand.

G-d bless Germany.

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