To win this election, we need to get into the offensive. It works like this.

While we use our energy to demonise mr. Trump, he uses his many faculties to try and make a policy that will work with the voters.

Mr. Trump is many things, but he is not stupid, on the contrary he is extremely intelligent. He is not evil either, he is just without much experience and extremely conservative when it comes to migration and so on.

So if we just continue demonising mr. Trump, he will eventually win. By small steps.

Mr. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the major news apparatus out there, has some really interesting, and I think sympathetic ideas about the impact of Facebook. He says, in the old days people got their views from a single news source, or perhaps a couple of news sources. Today with Facebook, the reader are much more prone to be presented to views they would not necessarily agree with.

What does the mean in this election? It means, that even though mass media is not very friendly to mr. Trump, the normal reader does not notice this very much. There will be news outlets that will convey the ideas of mr. Trump regardless, and they tend to pop up everywhere in the internet, because, basically, these informations are of an interest to everybody.

This is the new situation we are facing.

What does that mean? It means, we are facing a war of solutions. People look at the solutions to their problems, represented by different candidates, and they chose accordingly.

That is why I would say, as Alinsky said in his work; organise, organise, organise. Or content, content, content.

We need to come up with serious, solid, good solutions to the problems that Americans worry about.

So what do they worry about the most? They worry about getting jobs, we covered that base, by supporting American made production. Let us use that a bit more.

Then they worry about crime and terror. This is a topic that we have not covered that much. It is extremely dangerous.

But notice, that mr. Trump has softened his ideas on this field. It is not all muslims now he charges, but only islamists.

This is because he is reading Rubicon, hi mr. Trump, you very welcome, and if can use my ideas, please do. But I do still support ms. Clinton.

So what we need to do, is to make a refinement on the same topic. Otherwise he will just use my good ideas, and not ms. Clinton.

The way it can work is like this:

Instead of charging muslims with terror, charge Islamists. That is politically driven muslims. They dream of a Caliphate and hates democracy.

That is an enemy if there ever was one. At the same time, take of civil rights. This is one of our core strengths.

Say that you support our democratic rights, and know that most American Muslims do the same. And at the same time, you will hunt down all those democracy hating muslims, wherever they are. To win the fight over IS.

See it? At the one hand you do protect most muslims, while you protect the American citizens. The secret services are absolutely ok with this tactics, because this is what they have been doing for a long time anyway. So it is a proven tactics.

G-d bless all who fight for Freedom.

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