Positive spirit

If you want to change something, look at the bright side. That was my point about mr. Soros and his focus on the dark side.

Good preachers look to G-d and see his light for what it is; benevolence, love, charity, support, help, solidarity all these words that transcends all that is evil, and boundaries between men.

Bad preachers they look at evil and rages against it. They talk bad, and have a moral superiority towards other people.

Good preachers know that people are full of faults and will do bad things from time to time, but always tries their best.

Bad preachers look at the faults of the man, and scolds him for them.

Good preachers are full of forgiving and love.

Bad preachers are full of hate and venom.

So the same goes for politics. Good politicians are all in for the good in society and focuses on that. Bad politicians focus on the faults of their opponents, and see a moral problem with them.

To win something, you need a positive vibe, you need to come up with new ideas to solve the problems we have.

That is why I believe we should see our world in the light of a benevolent spirit. A, “yes, we can!” spirit of positivism. Ok, there will be many a turn, where people will tell you we cannot. Do not believe them, there is such a thing as goodness and solidarity in the world, there is!

G-d bless the will to look at the bright side of life.

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